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We create evocative stories that resonate with recruits, students, and parents, showing the immense value your institution brings into their lives.


There are more educational options for students of any age than ever before, and fewer high school graduates attending college. These trends make it inherently more essential to communicate effectively and engage potential students with great content. From private all-girls schools to internationally renowned institutions, we’ve have created compelling recruitment campaigns and video content that strike at the hearts and minds of those looking for a school that understands them and is the right fit for them to achieve their dreams. In our experience, it’s not about creating content that convinces parents or potential students to enroll in your institution, but rather creating content that connects with the right student who is the right fit for your institution.



Fewer Attendants

There is a smaller pool of potential students to fill your enrollment goals and fewer still of the type of student that fits your system and mission.

Crowded Competition

The competition for students is growing more fierce, with some institutions facing closure and dropping enrollment. How do you prevent yourself from going the way of the dinosaur?

Ineffective Content

Most content created by institutions today is curated for a generation that has been out of school for 15 years. It's not about fancy campuses or school fight songs, but rather about what an education from your school will enable them to attain for the future.



Increase your Reach

With the right video content, we can increase your reach, so your message and values connect with the right students for your institution.

Stand Out from Crowd

With unique messaging catered for you and videos that are customized to fit your brand voice, you can stand out from the competition and most importantly attract the right students.

Content that Resonates

We are not here to create cookie-cutter content. We are here to make content that connects with people and motivates them into action.