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What is it?

Your social media presence is one of your most valuable brand resources and needs to be nurtured and developed on all fronts. From your content to your integrated experiential activations, your social media presence and voice is your brand's face to the world.

Who is it for

If you are looking to capitalize on the wow-factor of your experiential event or campaign, then you'll want it to work in tandem with your social media. With content pushes before, during, and after activation.

When to use this video type?

Part of the allure of exponential marketing is the fact that events can go viral. By using an event hashtag, providing photo opportunities, and driving visuals that are Snap-worthy, brands can position themselves to fuel both their event's success and their brand's reach.

Why to work with Covalent?

We know customers. From large corporations to growing small businesses, we understand the people and consumers you want to engage and know how to hit them in the right way.

We know how to get things done. We're always pushing new ideas that may be so unique that they've never been done before. We embrace that challenge and pride ourselves on our ability to pull them off successfully.

Creativity is at the core of our success with these campaigns. We've got ideas, and they are significant. You can lean on us because we can make you stand out from the crowd in a way that no one else is doing.

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