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Dynamic Video Production: How to Make the Most Out of Your Video Shoot

In the digital world, things age and turn obsolete quickly. People expect a constant stream of new and fresh content to stay interested and keep listening in this day and age. And while one really good piece of video does last for a while, it will eventually get old to keep sharing the same content over and over again. What you need is both quality – and quantity. So how does one achieve that without breaking the bank?

The answer lies in partnering with a creative video services company that thinks outside the box and plans your video investment wisely. One efficient strategy is to shoot multiple pieces on the same occasion and then release them over time. If you know you want this from the get-go, your video production company can plan both production and post-production so that you get as much content as possible from one single shoot.  


Shoot For Maximum Impact

It all starts with pre-production and planning smartly from the beginning. If you plan, you can be prepared to make multiple videos with just one shoot, which means a lot more bang for your buck. This can be done in different ways, depending on the context and the content. But the most important thing is to know from the beginning that you want to get more than just one piece out of the shoot so that your video production company can plan accordingly. 

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Ask Your Video Services Company to Shoot Multiple Pieces At The Same Time

One way to make the most of one shoot is to film several sequences at the same time. Instead of shooting one video, why not make a whole series while you’re at it? One interview can be split into different themes or episodes, and a docu-style sequence can be divided into one story per voice that appears in it. As long as you’re prepared to create more than one story, it doesn’t even have to take longer to shoot the material; it’s more a matter of getting the right content.


Split Your Content Into Smaller Snippets

Another way to get more out of the content you’ve filmed, even if you didn’t plan for it to begin with, is to split it into smaller snippets that you can publish on social media. Let’s say, for example, that you’ve produced a 15-minute interview. That can be perfect for Youtube and your website. But it may be too long to publish on social media. Instead, you can create ten tiny teasers of just 10-15 seconds that will make perfect social media content and help drive traffic to your website. You don’t even need to add intros to it; just let people dive right into the story to pique their interest. Just make sure to add captions, as many people scroll through their feeds without sound.

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Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose

Repurposing content is one of the most efficient ways to increase your content marketing ROI, which is equally true in video marketing. Successful marketers always apply a 10X mindset where they ask, “how can I get 10 times the value out of this piece of content?” Some of the answers to that question include:  

  • Transcribe your video and turn the text into a blog post
  • Extract the audio and turn it into a podcast
  • Cut out snippets and post them on social media
  • Integrate the video on different parts of your website
  • Include the video, or parts of it, in your newsletter
  • Use snippets as social media ads
  • Publish the content in video and text format on large content hubs like Medium (make sure to use their canonical links)

The opportunities to repurpose the material from just one video clip go on and on, and leveraging them will help you get a lot more value from your video production. 


Edit Creatively and Get More From Your Material 

Think about the different possibilities when you edit your material. Let’s say you have 3 minutes’ worth of material. That can become one 3-minute video, or it can become one 2-minute video, one 30-second video, and two 15-second clips. In an online world where quantity is sometimes almost as important as quality, the latter option may give you more value.


Work With an Award-Winning Pittsburgh Video Production Company 

An experienced and skilled video services company will be able to work with you and advise you on how to get the most out of your production. At Covalent, we work with clients to ensure they get maximum value from their investment with a flexible and dynamic video production approach.

The best strategy is often to shoot one or several long-form videos but to gather as much material as possible, both in terms of A-roll and B-roll. This will allow for maximum freedom and creativity at the editing stage and result in more and better video content for your marketing campaigns. 

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Covalent is a creative Pittsburgh video production company specializing in unique and authentic video production for B2B and B2C brands. We’re well-known for our docu-style videos, and we can help you create everything from brand videos and educational explainer videos to case studies and commercials. Get in touch to explore how we can make your brand come alive with dynamic video production!

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