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What is it?

An animated explainer video explains a product, service, or brand using graphic design and illustrated elements that are animated to tell a story. It is a great way to visualize something that can be hard to describe or show in another format. They can be simple or complex, depending on the story and the type of investment.  One’s imagination is the only limiting factor in what can be shown in a great animated explainer.

Who is it for

Almost anyone uses animated explainers. However, we make them a lot for Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Education, and Tech.

When to use this video type?

There are many compelling use cases for animated explainer videos for various brands and businesses. There is an argument to be made that if you are selling products, ideas, and almost anything, you could use an animated explainer video. However, the honest answer depends on the equation of your brand, the service or product you are trying to sell, and how you want to engage with your customers. 


If what you do is abstract, you need a viewer to understand a sophisticated product or complex process, or you just need to spice up educational information, then an animated explainer video may be the way to go.

Why work with Covalent?

Imagination: We work to understand your brand and purpose so that our imaginations can take your story to the next level. We aim to create a look and feel that resonates with your brand and voice. You will find a level of sophistication and out-of-the-box thinking that will allow you and your target audience to see your brand in a new light.

Execution: We are an award-winning animation production company with a killer staff of designers and illustrators. It’s not easy to create worlds that aren't there, but our artists are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished.

Process: Our approach allows you to be involved and informed during what can be a highly complex process. From concept, mood boards, scripting, and storyboards, to the final draft, we make it easy for you to know exactly where your project stands.

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