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Connection is our Mission

We create living partnerships that drive more emotional and connected messages to reach the right audience, on the best mediums, in the most impactful way.

Story is our Method

We solve complex messaging challenges by translating those messages and stories into inspiring and engaging content for the multi-channeled world, connecting you with the human that resides on the other side of the screen.

Authenticity is our Message

Everything we craft and create is filled with an authentic purpose. A purpose to engage, to inspire, and to drive both emotion and action from your audience.


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We work globally, locally, and everywhere in-between with brands who look to us to create powerful messages that have an impact.
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Alicia Levey They don't just execute, they partner.
Jan Glick We are grateful for their time, talent.
Michael Annachine Genuine professionals.
Diana Hurd Thoughtful yet creative.
Jon Halpern Helped us stand out and make a splash.
Kacey Wherely Brand storytelling.
Chris Daley Covalent has it all.
Cheryl Bender Collaborative.
Jason Bader Vendor of choice.
Leah Lizarondo They will GET IT.
Ryan Luikens Beautiful stories that connect.

How'd we do

I have worked with the Covalent team for over 3 years on a variety of projects from Fashion Week to NASA to logo design to social media strategy. I keep going back to them not only for their dependable, quality work, but because they consistently bring a fresh, innovative perspective. They have an intuitive understanding of how creative connects to brand value and business objectives – and a commitment to driving results.
Alicia Levey

Alicia Levey

Global Director, Digital Marketing at MCM WORLDWIDE

Their support and talent have helped to showcase the important and meaningful work we do. We have had the pleasure of working with every team member at Covalent for over five years. They offer creative ideas, producing high quality products and services. They are able to capture a moment, that says a thousand words and help our mission and vision come to life.
Jan Glick

Jan Glick

CEO, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh

Covalent does an excellent job conveying complicated stories through videos in a way that’s easy to understand. By integrating emotion into their creative process, it connects with the target audience on another level. The Covalent team is a group of professional, genuine and talented folks that are a pleasure to work with.
Michael Annachine

Michael Annachine

CEO, Magee-Womens Research Institute

Having Covalent as a trusted partner in thinking about our marketing strategies, how we tell our story, and crafting beautiful, visual assets has furthered The Ellis Schools strategic and intentional approach to recruitment as we raise awareness about the school in the Pittsburgh region among families of school-aged girls. We appreciate their thoughtful yet creative approach to brainstorming and can always count on the Covalent team to be open, collaborative, and willing to tackle any type of project or problem with us in a way that makes working with them enjoyable and effortless.
Diana Hurd

Diana Hurd

Director of Marketing and Communications, The Ellis School

Covalent brings creative ideas to the table and executes on them very well. We tasked them with helping us stand out and make a splash with our most recent campaign and that is exactly what they did.
Jon Halpern

Jon Halpern

President, Pineapple Payments

Covalent was so helpful in our video projects, and the team had deep knowledge in the whole process to help us from beginning to end. They brought the creative mindset we needed and were very flexible to work within our desired timeline and around our specific needs for production. I really like their sense of storytelling, it helped bring out our brand in a new way for viewers.
Kacey Wherely

Kacey Wherely

Marketing Production Lead, Techstars

The ideas to create compelling video concepts. And the creative chops to bring it all to life. Easy and fun to work with, dedicated to getting the job done right. Highly recommend!
Chris Daley

Chris Daley

Director, Digital at UPMC Healthplan

The Covalent team approached our project with the attitude of, “Let’s figure out how to make this work and work well.” They were collaborative, engaged, flexible and came at us with new ideas.
Cheryl Bender

Cheryl Bender

Creative Director, InnerOrange Creative

They understand our culture and brand like no other. The have consistently turned that understanding into compelling and well-executed marketing messages time and time again.
Jason Bader

Jason Bader

Director of Marketing, US Acute Care Solutions

I've worked in global advertising and have written MANY creative briefs and truly at the end of the day, no matter how great your creative brief is, if the team you're working with doesn't have the empathy to understand people, it is not going to produce work that communicates the message fully. The Covalent team does.
Leah Lizarondo

Leah Lizarondo

CEO and Co-Founder, 412 Food Rescue

Covalent has a unique ability to capture the energy and emotions of moments that they then turn into beautiful stories that connect with people. That’s why I hired them, and that's what they delivered.
Ryan Luikens

Ryan Luikens

Director, Brand Strategy at Techstars

You deserve creative partners

We've worked with large corporations to small businesses all with the same goal of creating unique and innovative videos—you deserve the same.

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