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What is it?

For us, video campaigns are about taking an integrated and holistic approach to using the power of video throughout your buyers’ journey of Awareness, Consideration, and Decision-Making stages. They are about meeting your audience on the platforms they use and creating and iterating on content until we find something that connects with them.

Who is it for

Every brand and business should be utilizing Campaigns over a period of weeks or months to build their sales funnels and increase the size of their audience. It takes research, creativity, and patience, but the hard work and willingness to adapt while continually delivering compelling content will pay off.

When to use this video type?

Video campaigns are best when you are losing market share to a competitor, have a new product or service to launch, need to increase donations to raise money, or want to grow your audience.

Why work with Covalent?


Creativity is at the core of our process for campaigns. Great creativity and problem-solving lead to fantastic storytelling, which is where the heart of success and iteration lies. We’ve got ideas, and they are significant. You can lean on us because we can make you stand out from the crowd in a way that no one else is doing


It’s not about just looking at the big picture, it is also producing an approach that allows you to capitalize on that big picture approach and capture a plethora of compelling and interesting content that can be turned into captivating and engaging videos for your campaign.


We provide a holistic approach to creating campaigns that help you build your sales funnel and touch your audience at each stage of their buyers' journey. We are experts in developing strategies and implementing them with creativity and thoughtfulness.

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We've worked with large corporations to small businesses all with the same goal of creating unique and innovative videos—you deserve the same.

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