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What is it?

It’s an aerial perspective that until fairly recently, was extremely cost-prohibitive. You’ve probably seen those beautiful aerial landscape shots that sweep across mountains, fields, and city skylines and wonder how they got it. Yeah, it was a drone, and we do that. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also convenient for capturing the scale your story needs.

Who is it for

There are many industries that can and should use drones. Whether you need an epic shot from a new perspective to tell a powerful story, or a business that needs to survey your land and/or highlight a building. We collaborate with you to discover when and if you need a drone.

When to use this video type?

If you need a visual that pushes an emotion, for technical reasons (mapping, surveying, etc.), or maybe you just need to see a beautiful shot: Your big city skyline, your rolling hills, your beachfront vistas, or your sprawling state-of-the-art facilities can be captured to show your viewers exactly where and how you want them to see you. Depending on the creative, there are uses for Drones in training videos, brand video production, and corporate video production.

Why work with Covalent?

Certified: To fly commercially for any reason in the US, you need an FAA license. The Part 107 license requires extensive knowledge of airspace, regulations, weather, and air traffic patterns, to name a few. We have gone through the necessary testing to make sure we’re operating safely and within the law. You can rest easy knowing that not only do you get our creative chops on a drone shoot but that shoot is operating legally and safely.

Expertise: Our drone pilots are not only experts but also have a deep passion for flying drones and pushing their skills. Not only do they fly drones for work, but outside of the office, they build, fly, and race drones for fun. This brings a unique skillset and level of expertise that most of the competition lacks. Pair this with our Directors who are all well versed in aerial videography, and you have a winning combination.

Eye: Drone shots can be pretty, and everyone likes to use them. However, if they aren’t motivated, they can feel out of place. Having the skill to fly a drone is one thing; having the eye and knowledge of how those shots translate to a creative vision to push a narrative and capture the audience is another. We take pride in our ability to accomplish both.

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