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Brand Video for the Equity Impact Center – 2023

Brand Video for the Equity Impact Center – 2023


A brand video can uniquely introduce a brand or organization to the world.

The Equity Impact Center does many things, but to keep it simple, they work to advance the work of non-profits and social justice organizations and drive equitable systematic change.

We’ve worked with The EIC across various programs and non-profits they support over the years.  With their community-first values, the EIC never brought their brand to the forefront. Understanding that they had to help the world understand their involvement across these different groups, they wanted to create a video that would help explain who they are, who they support, and the importance of their mission.

Having had the opportunity to create videos for the groups they support, like SCALE, Social Venture Partners, and Full Circle, we were able to help connect the dots on how the EIC stays at the center of it all, offering support, resources, and many other services to the non-profit and social justice community.

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