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Brand Video for UBC – The Wealth Equation – 2023

Brand Videos Clarify purpose and your business’s Unique Selling proposition.

Union Bridge Capitol offers expertise in every facet of wealth management, and they needed a brand video to clarify why they are different.

The problem is the term “wealth management” has been degraded by large banks and insurance firms that use it to sell a product. It doesn’t mean what it used to. UBC tasked us with creating a video that differentiated them from the “traditional” competition, explained their all-encompassing offerings, and highlighted their client-focused bespoke approach.

We took the time to interview key company members as they spoke about their respective verticals and their dedication to a human-centered approach. A client would see the same faces in the video as when working with UBC. This creates an immediate connection and humanizes what could quickly become a cold, money-focused industry. You don’t just want your money managed well; you want to trust the people you’re putting behind the wheel.

Internal Communications for PNC – Self ID – 2022

Using an authentic Internal Communication video to highlight a positive culture of inclusivity.

PNC is working to move its company and its culture into a brighter and more inclusive future. We were asked to come in and help them build a video that would empower and encourage current and future employees to be who they are while at work and show them that PNC will always support them in that. 

B2B Video for Pineapple Payments – Salesforce Integration

We’ve produced several excellent B2b videos for Pineapple Payments that help explain many of the unique products they offer their clients. For these videos we elected to make simple animated explainers, as they would allow us to educate viewers succinctly and visualize aspects of the product clearly.

We have produced six videos in this series and Pineapple uses them as sales tools for their inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

PNC – CSR Report 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility reports are significant to organizations. It’s an opportunity to let both customers and employees know of the good they have been doing in the world.

We were asked to take this year’s report to another level by turning these beautiful images into living pictures. Working with our talented designers and motion artists, we were able to bring the report to life through a quirky and fun video.

Pineapple Payments – A Fresh Approach

Pineapple Payments has a fresh approach to the old school mentality of payment processing. So for this corporate video, we stuck with their mindset of being different from the legacy payments companies they are competing against, we wanted to make a unique splash. That’s why we developed a personalized Account-Based video marketing campaign that created a buzz and got them strong leads. Find out more at our AB Campaigns page or email us for a white paper on it.

B2B Video Production as a Sales Tool – Pineapple Payments

We created a series of B2B video production for Pineapple Payments that would be used as sales tools for deeper funneled leads. These videos were created to streamline complex information about specific features for specific verticals they were targeting.

The five verticals we focused on were B2B, Non-Profits, Accounting, Healthcare, and Mobile Payments. Each vertical has specific needs that Pineapple Payments provides specific solutions for.

ServiceLink – EXOS

EXOS is a B2B service designed to extend and enhance every critical consumer touchpoint throughout the entire mortgage lending life cycle.

Our client’s goal was to express the future of mortgage lending, and it’s related technologies. We took this to task by combining the idea of future tech with EXOS’s forward-thinking brand and services. We used high-end VFX coupled with live-action shooting to bring the viewer into a world of high-tech potentials.

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