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Brand Video for UBC – The Wealth Equation – 2023

Brand Video for UBC – The Wealth Equation – 2023

B2C, Finance

Brand Videos Clarify purpose and your business’s Unique Selling proposition.

Union Bridge Capitol offers expertise in every facet of wealth management, and they needed a brand video to clarify why they are different.

The problem is the term “wealth management” has been degraded by large banks and insurance firms that use it to sell a product. It doesn’t mean what it used to. UBC tasked us with creating a video that differentiated them from the “traditional” competition, explained their all-encompassing offerings, and highlighted their client-focused bespoke approach.

We took the time to interview key company members as they spoke about their respective verticals and their dedication to a human-centered approach. A client would see the same faces in the video as when working with UBC. This creates an immediate connection and humanizes what could quickly become a cold, money-focused industry. You don’t just want your money managed well; you want to trust the people you’re putting behind the wheel.

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