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Dollar Bank – DO Small Business – Brand Video

We were brought in to lead Dollar Bank’s new TV & Social Media videos for their new “DO” campaign. The campaign targets the millennial generation and centers around the theme of “What are you going to DO with your Life?” Whatever one desires, whatever one wants to do, Dollar Bank will help you get there whether you’re a small business, an individual, or a family.

We produced 5 brand videos for this campaign using real small businesses, locations, and people. It was important to us to create something authentic that would resonate with the millennial audience, so we pushed for using real individuals that fit with the demographic and are from the regions Dollar Bank is targeting.

Thus far, the campaign has been widely seen and well received in the three regions it has aired on TV and different social channels.

World Trade Centers Association – Brand Video – Animated Explainer

The World Trade Centers Association came to us looking for a Brand Video to help bring awareness to the benefits of being a WTCA member. Because they are a global brand in countless countries, the best fit was to create an animated explainer video that could tie in all their unique benefits with visuals that would connect to the global network they possess.

We also incorporated testimonials from current WTCA developers and members who shared their enthusiasm for the partnerships.

The animated explainer approach allowed us to tell the WTCA story in a flexible and brand-centered way.




BookSync – B2B Animated Video

Creating compelling and concise b2b video marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it’s the simplest throughline and execution that captivates your target audience.

For BookSync, our goal was to create a short  animated video that was simple, sleek, and straight to the point: “Developing your team can be as easy as starting a company book club.”

We wanted the Copy and VoiceOver to be simple, and we desired to do the same with the design and animation.

You will find a creative animated explainer video that is the perfect tool for b2b social media marketing.

B2B Video for Pineapple Payments – Salesforce Integration

We’ve produced several excellent B2b videos for Pineapple Payments that help explain many of the unique products they offer their clients. For these videos we elected to make simple animated explainers, as they would allow us to educate viewers succinctly and visualize aspects of the product clearly.

We have produced six videos in this series and Pineapple uses them as sales tools for their inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

B3 Solutions – Sight On Scene

How do you sell a safety product through a video without preying on fear?

That was our challenge in creating a product video for Sight on Scene, a security mapping tool that allows school districts to quickly and accurately create live-touch, interactive maps of their buildings to share with first responders, emergency personnel, and school employees in the case of an emergency.

After brainstorming with the marketing team, we concluded that an Animated Explainer Video would give us the ability to showcase the powerful and essential features in an educated, light-hearted, and safe way.

You can learn about that process and our execution here.

B2B Video Production as a Sales Tool – Pineapple Payments

We created a series of B2B video production for Pineapple Payments that would be used as sales tools for deeper funneled leads. These videos were created to streamline complex information about specific features for specific verticals they were targeting.

The five verticals we focused on were B2B, Non-Profits, Accounting, Healthcare, and Mobile Payments. Each vertical has specific needs that Pineapple Payments provides specific solutions for.

Koppers – Our Purpose

Good corporate video production will help an organization communicate effectively so they can steer their ship in the proper direction. In today’s world of complex information and social good, it’s not easy to keep your organization on the same page and drive results. However, video can be a reliable and capable ally in delivering important messages, initiatives, and leadership.

Koppers innately gets this as they are focused on not only running a smooth and active business but also thinking in the longterm and how to run an equitable company as well as a profitable one.

This video was created to communicate with their employees and partners the vision of the company and what they intend to do to improve for the future.

ServiceLink – EXOS

EXOS is a B2B service designed to extend and enhance every critical consumer touchpoint throughout the entire mortgage lending life cycle.

Our client’s goal was to express the future of mortgage lending, and it’s related technologies. We took this to task by combining the idea of future tech with EXOS’s forward-thinking brand and services. We used high-end VFX coupled with live-action shooting to bring the viewer into a world of high-tech potentials.

B2B Video – Inner Orange – What We Do For You!

Inner Orange is an internal agency at PNC, and they needed a corporate, b2b sales video that would remind PNC of all the work they have done for them and the capabilities they offer.

You may wonder if they already work for this organization, why do they need to sell them? Well, PNC is a large organization, and there are many different departments. Not all of them know who Inner Orange is, nor do they all know what Inner Orange can do.

Our job was to create engaging and effective corporate video that would inform these departments while keeping it entertaining along the way.

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