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8 Benefits of Personalized Video for Direct Sales

We understand how difficult it is to get that first meeting with a potential client. After all, we have a similar challenge when we search out new business as well. 

However, even in 2021, video is still under utilized to help overcome the challenges of attaining that coveted first meeting.

Personalization is one of the most effective tools in a successful cold outreach campaign. 

And it really can’t get more personal than customized video. 

In fact, a personalized video is as close as we can get these days to actually being there in the same room with a prospect. Not only sharing our message but also showing a glimpse of who we are as people. 


#1 Personalized Video Is More Relevant

The one factor that will decide if your sales message is noticed or ignored is how relevant the receiver deems it. And the more generic your message, the less likely it is to strike a chord with the recipient. 

A video message produced specifically to target your prospect will have the best chances to catch their attention. It allows you to talk about their particular company and challenges in a way that simply is not possible in any other media.

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#2 Personalized Video Stands Out and Builds Trust

You know how it is. As you click on yet another sales email, you’re met with yet another generic wall of text. 

“Hey, CXO! We strongly believe we can help you achieve this thing. We’re already helping company X and Y with this thing. Why don’t we jump on a call?” 

If you’re a decisionmaker in your company, you’re painfully familiar with these pitch emails, and you know exactly where they tend to end up. 

Imagine instead that your prospect opens your email to be met with a video thumbnail featuring a friendly face in a 30-second custom video. A video where you address them by name and talk about their particular pain points, showing that you’ve done your homework. If done right, boom, you’ve already started building that invaluable relationship of trust.


#3 Custom Messaging at Scale

ABM (Account-Based Marketing) is at the top of most marketers’ agenda right now, and rightly so. To catch the attention of enterprise prospects, who are flooded with pitches day in and day out, you need a highly personalized approach. 

By pairing customized corporate videos personalized to each prospect, with smart and scalable delivery methods, you can create an experience that will set you and your brand apart from the competition.


#4 Trackable Metrics Provide Valuable Insights

Using video as part of your outreach and direct sales strategy will give you access to data about how your prospects interact with your content. 

If you use the right software, you’ll not only be able to see if your prospect has watched your video. You’ll be able to see if they watched it until the end, if they shared it with a colleague, and if something seems to give them pause. 

These metrics are invaluable when you plan how to take the next step in the sales process, and they can also help you improve and perfect your sales videos as you go.


#5 Higher Response and Conversion Rates

The response and conversion rates are dramatically higher when you use personalized video in your sales process.

Email Monks reports that using personalized video results in a 280% greater return than traditional text email, principally because click-through rates are substantially improved when video is used. 

So even if integrating video with your direct sales strategy may demand an initial investment and some extra time and effort, it will quickly be worth your while since the ROI is so much better. 


#6 Video Creates a Captive Audience

While it’s very easy to stop reading an email after just two words, a video message is a different story. When watching a video, we behave differently than when reading. It requires less effort to consume video content, and it’s easier to create interest and a sense of suspense. 

Especially if the viewer knows from the start that your message is only, for example, 45 seconds long. Then you’ll have a much greater chance of them hearing you out than you would with a long text containing the same message.


#7 Manageable Costs

With the right process in place, it’s possible to oversee and predict the costs of your personalized sales videos. And as you start using them, you will quickly see the return on your spend and be able to decide what parts of your campaign to ramp up. This enables you to work in a data-driven way, focusing on content that produces results. 

Chances are, once you introduce customized video in your sales and marketing mix, you won’t look back since the positive results usually are immediate. 

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#8 A Branded Experience

Nothing can convey your brand’s personality, tone of voice, and, well, soul, better than video. While all text emails look more or less the same, there are much fewer limitations when it comes to video outreach.  

With video you can get creative with your storytelling, and infuse it with whatever values and feelings you are looking to convey. 

Have a look at this video we did for Pineapple Payments, for example. This fun and quirky take on corporate video creates a memorable and likeable impression that would be very difficult to mimic in writing. 


Personalized Direct Sales Video Will Give Your Company a Competitive Edge

83% of marketers consider creating personalized content their biggest challenge. And yes, churning out custom videos at scale can indeed seem like a daunting task. But with the right strategy and production partner, the benefits and ROI will quickly outweigh the effort.

At Covalent, we offer customized direct sales video campaigns with an account-based marketing approach and video-centric execution. It is a unique way for you to speak to your potential and existing customers by name while delivering consistent and precise sales and marketing messages.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your brand leverage customized direct sales video at scale.


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