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Rosetta Stone – Gumbo

Rosetta Stone – Gumbo


Can you learn a new language and immerse yourself in it and the culture of the language without ever leaving the country? Rosetta Stone believes you can and that was our mission to capture in this French Language Learning campaign.

This B2C campaign was captured with the attention of mass distribution on a variety of digital channels. Several stories were exclusive for social media videos, while others would live on blogs and pre-roll ads.

To capture an authentic french immersion experience, and to educate Rosetta’s Intended Audience, filming this project in a docu-style approach made the most sense. We were after real stories with real people. We delivered 16 assets in total.

For this video, Louis walks us through how to make a proper Louisiana Gumbo, the french way.

Rosetta is extremely happy with the results and we intend to make more of these campaigns in the future.

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