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The Ellis School – Tailored Tuition

The Ellis School – Tailored Tuition


We’ve worked with Ellis on several productions, but this is the first of its class. The Ellis School wanted an animated piece that explained in detail the complex topic of a new initiative – Tailored Tuition. Tailored tuition is an individualized adjustment to Ellis’s standard tuition, based upon factors related to the overall income and expenses of it’s families.

The video needed to be minimalist, easy to understand, and cover many points.
Once we received the script, we had to figure out how to display abstract concepts like income and percentages in a simple, clean style without using any definitive numbers because everyone’s tailored tuition is different.

Attention to detail was paramount with this piece so that that information won’t get misconstrued. Through several iteration and tweaks, we were able to create a vibrant piece that The Ellis School uses as their primary source of explaining a difficult to understand topic.