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What is it?

Typically, a podcast is a serialized, long-form digital audio program meant for a specific audience or subscriber-ship. It can capture the minutiae and nuance of a story or conversation that usually can’t be conveyed in the timeframe that an ad or video can. It allows for a deep dive into a story, idea, or discussion that gives the listener a greater understanding.

Who is it for

As podcasts become more ubiquitous we think everyone could benefit from them. They can be used to give a behind the scenes look at your business. They can be used to establish thought leadership in your market or a market where you may want your voice heard. It’s perfect for those with complex stories or useful information that a general audience could find interest in. The digital media is versatile enough that it can be adapted to fit pretty much anyone.

When to use this video type?

Podcasting is the perfect medium when visuals either can’t or don’t need to be present. You should be creating and deploying podcasts through social media for serialized thought leadership, storytelling, education, and entertainment. They are a unique tool to develop an audience, build trust, and bring a listener deeper into your brand, your story, or your ideas.

Why work with Covalent?

Story:  Podcasting is a unique storytelling medium that allows for an authentic and personal narrative. It’s uniqueness is in part due to when it generally is being listened to, in someone's personal space, where they are taking advantage of extra time to listen to something they want to. This could be during long commutes, chores around the house, or when traveling. It’s a perfect time to connect with and tell a great story to your audience.

Clarity:  Everything starts with understanding. We aim to understand you, your brand, and your target audience in a way that allows us to express your mission and values so that your podcast connects with your audience beyond the surface. To create compelling content, they must understand who you are and where you fit into their world.

Advocacy:  When we partner with you, we see ourselves as advocates for your brand. We value that you trust us with your story and we take that very seriously. We want to feel like partners so we act like partners. We’re invested in telling the best and most genuine version of your story.

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