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10 Commercial Video Production Styles – Which One is Right For You?

So, you’ve decided to partner with a video production company and invest in video advertising? That’s a wise choice – no other medium holds the same power to connect with your audience and build trust and brand affinity. 

But how to know which type of video commercial production is best suited for your needs? In this article, we’ll walk you through ten video advertising styles that are popular with top video production companies right now.


Docustyle Video Commercial

Covalent was brought in to lead Dollar Bank’s new TV & Social Media videos for their new “DO” campaign. The campaign targets millennials and centers around the theme of “What are you going to DO with your Life?” It was essential to create something authentic that would resonate with the millennial audience, so in this video commercial, we pushed for using real individuals and a docu-style format. 

Dollar Bank – DO Mortgage – Brand Video

Comedy Style Video Commercial

Nothing beats comedy when you want to connect with people and win their hearts. Commercials based on humor can be done in many ways, but one iconic example is this one by the Dollar Shave Club

The back story is that of entrepreneur Michael Dubin, who in 2012 got over a warehouse full of surplus razor blades. He then had a brilliant idea, founded the Dollar Shave Club, and launched it with this one video – that immediately went viral. This video ad is now legendary, and the format – a founder walking through a warehouse making funny boasts – has since been emulated a thousand times. 

This video took just one day to shoot and cost no more than $4,500, showcasing how creativity trumps huge budgets and productions. 


Wholesome Video Commercial

We all love stories about underdogs coming out as winners, long-lost family members returning, and cute animals doing cute things. We love stories that make us feel good about the world and humanity as a whole. This Super Bowl ad from Budweiser starring a lost puppy tracking down his family in the face of all sorts of dangers is the perfect example of a wholesome commercial. I’m not crying; you’re crying!



Animated Video Commercial

If you opt for an animated video commercial, suddenly, anything is possible. There are no limits to how you can present your brand, except those of your imagination. So if, for example, you want your nachos featured in an anime-style Godzilla story – you can. That’s what Taco Bell did here, and it’s definitely a refreshing break from regular fast food commercials. 


Emotional Video Commercial

Connecting with your audience on an emotional level is the most surefire way to make them remember your message. When we feel something, rather than just observe and register, it has the power to change us and our perception of things. In this commercial by Google, we get to follow the story of a child of two deaf parents as he becomes a father himself. Communication is at the center of the story. By showing the power of communication, this video illustrates how a techy product like Google can bring immense value on a human level. 


Testimonial Video Commercial

Testimonials are among the most efficient marketing tools that exist. By showcasing social proof in the form of happy customers, you build trust in your brand. One fantastic example of a testimonial video commercial that’s not only educational but also super fun and creative is this video by Slack


Presenter Style Video Commercial

In a presenter style video commercial production, the story is told and driven forward by a narrator – guiding you through the message and to the final conclusion. Using a narrator is a powerful storytelling tool that can come either in the form of a narrating voice – or, as in this video – an actual person walking you through the whole commercial. 



Inspirational Style Video Commercial

Everybody loves a good inspirational video. The internet is flooded with inspirational clips, and many people even have a habit of starting their day with this type of content. It sets the tone for a positive outlook on life and lifts our spirits. For brands who manage to tap into this genre, it can be extremely powerful. This video by Nike is a perfect example.


Lifestyle Video Commercial

Lifestyle content, in general, is a popular genre. And if you’re selling a lifestyle product, you probably want that reflected in your video commercials. Depending on your audience and offer, the output will vary, but video remains the most powerful format for conveying lifestyle marketing messages. This fun ad for the Apple Watch is a great example.  


Product Video Commercial

If you’re selling a particular product, a very specific and product-focused commercial can be the way to go. This approach can be combined with any of the others but is differentiated by the fact that it’s less of a general brand commercial but rather a product commercial. In this video ad, Old Spice combines a product-focused approach with a humoristic twist. 


How Covalent Can Help

Covalent is a commercial video advertising company specializing in creative corporate video commercials. We excel at creating authentic, unique content that helps your brand stand out from the competition. Get in touch to explore how we can bring your ideas to life with commercial video production!


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