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Top 3 Reasons to Use Video for Internal Communications

Using video for Internal Communication is slept on. Seriously.

It’s easy to lump it into the nice-to-have category or qualify it as not worth the investment. However, if you are part of a large organization and/or manage a fair amount of people, investing in good corporate video production is a game changer.

Video Communications

Video Communications are the best at distilling complex information to a wide audience, and when done right, your employees will retain more of that important information.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know people watch a lot of video content. 91% of people have watched a video to explain a product and service. This metric has been over 90% since 2016. Why?

The apparent answer is that people would rather watch something than read it.

The less obvious answer is that viewers retain information better by watching a video than they do by reading text. As avid readers ourselves, that stat seems wild, but viewers report retaining 95% of the information from watching a video vs only 10% from reading.

A lot of us watch videos and learn various tasks in our personal lives, but not always in the workplace. This could be because it’s harder to watch a video while at a desk, or because companies don’t invest in video enough for it to be as relevant for their employees.

And as a video production company, we spend a lot of our time making videos. It makes sense to us that new information would be easier to retain via a video than in writing. We just can’t wrap our heads around how communications videos are under-utilized!

This means if you are a CEO who needs to distill a message that is imperative to the success of your business or a Head of a Human Resource department that needs to onboard 50 new employees, video can help make your message more compelling and easier for your employees to remember.

Video works best when distilling complex information into highly engaging stories that are concise and powerful in their messages, such as this B2B video we put together on Salesforce Integration. It will turn you into a communication genius that will no longer be misunderstood.

You’ll have more engaged employees and will be sharing important messages at a faster rate than most other businesses. Your workforce will digest and remember that information better than traditional communication forms.

You want an internal communications video that will stick out in your employee’s minds. A well-produced, well-thought-out video that caters to your employees will do a few things:

  • Save time and engage your audience.
  • Build trust with your employees.
  • Promote company culture.
  • Provide information concisely and consistently.

So yeah, video is an investment, but quality matters a lot. (87% of consumers say video quality impacts their trust in a brand.) And, if you work with the right partner, you’ll save money elsewhere and be a more effective company because of your investment.

Eliminate Email Overload

Emails are still important. In fact, it is still one of our favorite ways to interact with our team and our clients (Slack is a close second).

However, video is quickly gaining traction for conveying vital information succinctly, effectively, and in a repeatable way.

This can start as simple as using Loom to deliver information quickly, walking people through concepts and pitches, or giving guidance.

From there, it can grow to become more complex but even more compelling by creating videos that display and advocate for the new direction of your business, new initiatives or programs, or be used to convince investors, board members, or even existing customers of the vision that will propel your organization to new heights.

This is where storytelling in the visual medium becomes powerful because you can perfect your message and make your vision crystal clear.

The best part?

Once the efforts of creating this powerful video tool are done, you will have a finished product you can use repeatedly.

Instead of writing 1,000 emails, you should invest in videos that can be watched 1,000 times. And it will be more convincing than the best email you’ve ever written – even if you are Shakespeare.

Video for Internal Communications: Recruiting Candidates

BONUS PERK – Internal Communication Videos are great for recruiting the right candidates that fit your culture and will help you succeed.

Your HR department and/or you know the time-consuming and intensive process of finding the right candidates for your open positions. Sifting through applications, interviews, and second interviews only to discover that perhaps you don’t have the right candidate yet.

Job postings with videos have a 34% greater application rate (compared to those that don’t), and 80% of recruiters believe video has helped increase the volume of applicants!

Smart job seekers are doing a lot of research on the companies they are considering applying to. If your message isn’t out there and you aren’t selling yourself, you are probably missing the best-qualified candidates for your open positions.

Recruitment videos enable you to show your culture and purpose and attract candidates who vibe with the work and environment you’ve created at your company.

That is why investing in great recruitment and internal communications video is more important than ever. Give candidates an inside look at your company and eliminate potential candidates who are not a fit for your company.

RECAP: What are Internal Communication Videos really good at?

Communicating new Initiatives and convincing decision makers/investors to get on board with your vision.

Getting a large workforce on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Taking complex information and processes and presenting it simply in a way the viewer will retain it.

Saving you and your team time, which equals money.

Training staff and new hires to make your business more efficient and to rapidly onboard people into your procedures.

Recruiting the right talent so you can grow your culture and accelerate your business with like-minded individuals.

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