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11 Great Styles of Product Video

Marketers are increasingly relying on video to communicate with consumers, and product videos are a great way to do this. Teaming up with an a creative video production company to bring your products and brand to life is one of the most impactful marketing investments you can make. 

You can take different approaches when creating your video depending on how you want it to leave viewers feeling. We have compiled the top 11 styles of product videos for marketers so that you can use them as inspiration in your next video marketing campaign. 


Walk and Talk Product Video

You’ve probably seen this type of video before. Videos where the founder or CEO of a company walks through offices, warehouses, and stores, talking about the different aspects of the business. Sometimes in a serious mode, sometimes in a humoristic way. This style of video production was popularized by the iconic The Dollar Shave Club video. Here is another excellent example of this genre from Helium



Design Product Video

If you’re selling a product with a sleek design or a specific aesthetic, you might want to consider a video where that’s the main focus. One company that is successfully making design-focused videos is Apple. Many of their videos let the actual product be the superstar of the show, such as this video ad for the iPhone 6.


Funny and Comedic Product Video

Comedic product videos can be compelling, as is all content that taps into people’s emotions. Studies show that when participants are presented with funny videos before being asked to purchase an item, they’re more likely to choose that item right away. This commercial for Aviation Gin, a hilarious hipster parody by Ryan Reynolds, is a perfect example of how to build brand affinity through humor. 


Animated Product Video

Animated product videos can be used in a variety of industries with great success. Whether it’s making complex products and services more accessible or simply showcasing your product and what it can do, an animated video is often a great way to do it. This video that we made for Sight on Scene is a great example. Sight on Scene is a security mapping tool that allows school districts to quickly and accurately create live-touch, interactive maps of their buildings to share with first responders, emergency personnel, and school employees in the case of an emergency. The animated format allowed us to showcase all the product’s benefits and talk about a frightening topic in a non-intimidating way. 

B3 Solutions – Sight On Scene

Explainer Product Video

Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular in online marketing. They follow the same principles of traditional video commercials but remove the need for product demonstrations. The business concisely provides all the necessary information, driving sales and improving customer satisfaction.

This video by Onewheel is the perfect example; it takes an educational approach and explains precisely how the product works by answering the most common customer questions. This is a cost-efficient way to accelerate the buying process. 


Testimonial Product Video

Getting your customers to share their experience with your product is one of the most powerful marketing tactics that exist. It comes across as way more authentic and trustworthy when someone else praises your product than if you’d be touting your own horn. This testimonial video commercial for the app Calm shows how it can be done well.

Product Demo Video

If you’re selling something on the more complex side, a good product demo video can make all the difference in the world. There is a wide audience who may be interested in your product but are not ready to book an in-person demo. For those folks, a product demo video is the perfect means to get them further down the sales funnel and closer to purchasing. And remember, a product demo video doesn’t have to be a stiff and boring screencap where someone is just clicking around in your interface. This product demo video by IKEA is a lovely example of that.

Documentary or Docu-style Product Video

The docu-style video format keeps gaining ground, and understandably so. We live in a time when trust in media and brands is low, and people are growing increasingly tired of polished, fabricated content. The documentary-style product video offers a level of authenticity that no other format can compete with. 

This video is part of a series of docus-style videos we made for Rosetta Stone, and it’s a great example of how docu-style storytelling can help brands connect with their audience and leave a memorable impression. 

Promotional Video for Rosetta Stone in French Louisiana

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Inspirational Product Video

Inspirational videos, in general, are among the most popular social media types of content out there. And understandably so – we can all use an extra dose of inspiration and a motivational boost now and then. This is also a genre that many brands have successfully tapped into, and one of the first that comes to mind when you think about inspirational commercials is perhaps Nike. Their “Just do it” slogan has become an idiom, and in this video, they turn the story slightly around and encourage everyone to just do whatever they want – the point is the doing, not excelling. 


Unique Product Video 

There is no boundary for how creative you can get when making product videos. This excellent video from Beats by Dre shows how a simple product can become part of a much larger narrative without even one word being uttered during the whole clip. Partnering up with a creative video production company is a good way to ensure your video content doesn’t look and sound the same as everyone else’s. 


Over the top Product Video 

For important product launches or to make a campaign that really leaves a mark, going all-in on your product video can be a great strategy. By using cinematic effects and aesthetics and making your product the star of the movie is an efficient way to create buzz and a feeling of anticipation around your product. This Apple video is a good example. 


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