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3 Key Ingredients of Powerful B2B Video Production

Let’s face it; people are not rational. We’re emotional creatures, and science backs this up. Even though we like to think we base our decisions on facts and figures, our emotions are at the core of our behavior more often than not. 

While most B2C marketers are aware that this is the case and use it in their marketing, many B2B marketers are stuck in the notion that the B2B buyer bases their decisions on logic. But that is far from the truth. Contrary to what many believe, emotions have a significant impact on B2B decision-making

In a study by Google, it became clear that B2B brands drive way more emotional connections than B2C brands. Out of hundreds of B2C brands in the survey, most had formed emotional connections with 10-40% of consumers. Meanwhile, B2B brands studied, a majority surpassed 50%. This shows that, on average, B2B customers are much more emotionally connected to service providers than B2C consumers. 

And while this may seem surprising, it actually makes a lot of sense. When we purchase, let’s say, a piece of clothing, the stakes are low. The worst-case scenario is that it’s not comfy, falls apart upon wearing, or makes us look ugly. But when you make a B2B purchase? Well, sometimes your career and reputation are at stake. The risk is high, which means the trust needs to be higher. And trust is built through emotional connection. 

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Inspiring, Funny, or Moving?

Think back on the commercials and marketing messages that have made a profound impression on you over the years. What are the campaigns that you remember, which perhaps impacted your behavior and made you buy something?

Chances are they evoked some kind of emotion when you watched them. Perhaps they made you laugh, touched your heart, or inspired you? The most memorable commercials often fall into one of the following three categories: aspirational, entertaining, or emotional.


Aspirational Video Marketing Makes You Dream 

B2B video production with an inspirational or aspirational theme is extremely popular, and for good reason. We can all use an extra dose of inspiration now and then, which is a type of messaging that people tend to remember. Every brand wants to show how they change their customers’ lives for the better, and inspirational story-telling is excellent for that. This is a genre that many brands have successfully tapped into, and at Covalent, we’ve done many different videos that are all inspirational in their own way. 

One example is this campaign, where we hired to create Dollar Bank’s TV & Social Media videos for their “DO” campaign. The campaign targets millennials, asking the universally relevant question, “What are you going to DO with your Life?”. We produced five brand videos for this campaign. It was essential to create something authentic that would resonate with the audience, so we used real individuals and let them share their stories. 


Entertaining B2B Video Makes You Laugh 

We all love to laugh. And when someone (or a brand) makes us laugh, we immediately feel more positive towards them. Humor is a great way to build emotional connection, which is why comedic video marketing is so powerful. Studies show that when people watch funny videos before being asked to purchase an item, they’re much more likely to pick it. Funny videos are also great for virality, as people love to share things that make them laugh. This is why, for example, the Dollar Shave Club Commercial was such a huge success. It’s unexpectedly honest and funny, building on the very relatable statement that “razors are expensive for no F**King good reason.”


Emotional B2B Video Touches Your Heart

Emotional video engages the viewers deeply, often tapping into universal human needs like security, love, connection, and growth. Emotional videos can also focus on feelings we wish to avoid, such as loss, grief, or regret. This video from Google, about remembering a loved one, is an excellent example of a creative, emotional video that leaves every viewer moved. It reminds us of our mortality in a way that is at the same time sad and beautiful.

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Which Emotion Do You Want To Evoke?

When developing concepts for your next video, ask yourself which one of these emotions you want to tap into and how you can connect with your viewer on an emotional level. You may find that your message can involve several of them, like this beautiful Oreo commercial that brings tears to our eyes every time we watch it. This is an amazing example of how brands can form strong emotional bonds and tap into positive feelings by telling human-centered stories in creative ways. 

Whether your brand is in B2C and B2B, remember that your customer is always a person. A living and breathing human being, and as human beings, we connect through emotions. Not numbers. 

Leaning into the human and emotional side of your stories, you will be able to create videos that have a whole different level of impact. Videos that people enjoy, remember, and share with their friends. Videos that make them fall in love with your brand and become a part of your story.

At Covalent, we’re experts at creating unique, authentic, and human-centric video marketing. Get in touch to explore how we can help you stand out, get noticed, and build a brand your audience will trust and love.


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