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3 Video Trends Conquering Corporate Video in 2021

Corporate Video Tik Tock

1. Continued Adoption of TikTok & Reels by Brands

No one can argue that TikTok is on a meteoric rise over the last two years. The pandemic has only helped it gain new users faster and given many of us reprieve from the wild year that was 2020.

Instagram/Facebook’s play to compete with Reels has also caught on with the younger audience and even Brands.

We’ve seen this trend coming over the last year as more big names have started creating content for these channels. There is a ton of opportunity here. We’ve been getting inquiries on producing content in this vein, and we expect that trend to continue.

2. VR Enters the Mainstream.

VR has been around, but up until this point, it has remained a niche. However, with the Oculus 2 breaking sales records of its predecessor and the continued improvement of VR experiences and games, it seems like VR is on its way to enter the mainstream.

For real, how fun and scary does this look? This is just the beginning, and though companies have used VR for virtual tours and training, there will be an opportunity for more immersive experiences to connect with customers.

Be sure to watch this fascinating video by Vox on how VR headsets trick our brains.VR Video Production for Corporate Video

Youtube for Corporate Video Production

3.  Brands Continue to Embrace Non-Traditional Video

Non-Traditional videos for us means content that is not your typical corporate message or commercial. A brand building out quality content for a youtube channel or their website comes to mind, as well as informative weekly videos on Linkedin that enrich your customers’ or potential customers’ experience.

Not only are these kinds of initiatives great long-tail investments in building an audience of advocates, but it also helps tremendously with your SEO and brand authority online.

The beauty of non-traditional is the flexibility and creativity it gives you to create something that truly represents your brand and voice. It is an opportunity to talk about something you’re passionate about and showcase your expertise.

We’ve fielded more inquiries on making this type of content in the last year than we have in the previous three, which is quite exciting.

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