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5 Powerful Nonprofit Video Production Campaigns

Nonprofits are doing some truly amazing things. They’re fighting for human rights, animals’ rights, and the environment. But sometimes, they struggle to get their message out there because of a lack of funds or time. Video has the power to engage an audience and make a story come alive on screen. Nonprofits are, therefore, increasingly using video as a way to educate people about their cause. 

In this post, we’ll highlight five of the best nonprofit video production campaigns from around the world that are sure to inspire you. 


1. Teenage dream – Sandy Hook Promise

This story is focused on the teenage survivors of school shootings. Reciting the lyrics of the famous Katy Perry song “Teenage Dream,” these survivors sing the words of a happy tune as we simultaneously see the pain, scars, and tears they carry on their faces. The way real people and their painful experiences collide with glossy pop culture in this nonprofit video production creates a gut-wrenching effect, and once you’ve watched it, you will not forget it. The message, “teenage life is not like it was”, is heartbreaking.


2. Duffle :60 – Adoption from Foster Care

These stories about kids being adopted from foster care are built on real-world experiences of children who were adopted. They illustrate the struggle to adjust, both on the kids and the parents, in a way that feels authentic. The videos are powerful and emotional. The moments when the boy takes his clothes out of the duffle bag and when the sisters ask their adoptive parent if they can call her mom are very moving. All in all, these videos are excellent examples of nonprofit video production. 


3. The Girl Effect – The Clock Is Ticking

This animated explainer video shares a powerful message in a simple yet striking way. The video is about leveraging the unique potential in every adolescent girl to end the cycle of poverty for themselves, their families, communities, countries, and the world. It captures the viewer’s attention with high-paced and interestingly designed motion graphics, pulling the viewer into the story. Its beauty lies in the simplicity, as it connects strongly with the viewer. Leaving one with not sadness, but hope for a brighter future. 

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4. Break the Barrier – TVC – St John WA

This chilling nonprofit video shows the heartbreaking powerlessness of a parent unable to save her child. It’s an excellent example of how a seemingly innocent intro can lure a viewer into a feeling of safety, only for the harsh peripeteia to feel more painful once it strikes. It’s difficult to imagine a commercial capturing the danger and pain of not knowing first aid better. The message is clear and impactful; a very successful nonprofit video production campaign.


5. 4-Year Olds Bucket List – Water is Life

This nonprofit video production is both beautiful and heart-wrenching at the same time. It tells the story of Nkaitole, a young child who has a ⅕ risk of not reaching the age of 5 due to unsafe drinking water where he lives. Because of this risk, the campaign centers around him checking off things from his bucket list. It is a simple and effective way to illustrate a problem – a soon-to-be five-year-old boy needs to complete his bucket list because 1-5 kids don’t make it to the age of 5 due to inadequate drinking water. Watching this little boy and his emotions is a powerful reminder of how much work remains before this world is a safe place for children.


Authenticity Is Key In Non-Profit Video Production

Connecting on an emotional level with your audience that feels authentic is essential in all video marketing. And for nonprofit video production, it is even more vital to engage peoples’ hearts as well as their minds. Nonprofits need a way to tell their story in a way that not only moves the audience but also makes them take action. 

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Nonprofit Videos For Your Cause

As nonprofit organizations often rely entirely on donations and voluntary work, they actually depend more on great marketing than other industries. And marketers tend to agree that video production is the marketing investment that yields the highest ROI and most impacts people’s feelings and behavior. 

Covalent is a creative video production agency specializing in authentic and unique videos that capture people’s attention and get messages heard through the noise. We’ve created many successful nonprofit video campaigns, often with a docu-style approach for maximal authenticity. 

One example is this video series that we made for Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoption Center. Not only did it make us fall in love with greyhounds; this series also snagged us a Gold Telly award for our work in the NonProfit Campaign – Regional TV category. Another example is this video we made for the food rescue heroes of 412 Food Rescue who volunteer to prevent food waste and are passionate about ending hunger.

If you’re looking to get started with nonprofit video production, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to discuss the different opportunities, and help you promote your cause!

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