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6 Effective Marketing Video Production Tactics To Simplify Your Sales Message

Great communication is the foundation of successful sales; we all know this. And that may sound simple. But when you’re selling a complex product or service, communicating your sales message can become quite a challenge. Especially if your product is innovative and new on the market. Then getting people to actually understand your pitch can become a significant roadblock in the buyer journey. 

Luckily, there’s a remedy. Sales videos are the perfect means for simplifying complex concepts and conveying your sales message in a way that is compelling, concise, and easy to understand. 

But while opting for video is the first step, it’s not in itself a guarantee that your message will be understood. Here we’ll share six effective marketing video production tactics to simplify your sales message with video – and help your audience fall in love with your offer. 

1. Use Analogies and Metaphors In Your Sales Videos

A great way to simplify your message is to use metaphors or analogies. For example, you may be offering a service that already exists in other industries or niches. Then it can be both easier and more powerful to say that you’re “like IKEA but for pet owners” or that you’re “like Spotify but for sound effects” than to start entirely from scratch. You give yourself a head start by building your story on something your audience is already familiar with and trusts. 


2. Tell a Story and Make Your Customer The Hero 

A common mistake marketers make is getting caught up in the features and functionality of the product they’re trying to sell. But the truth is, most people don’t care about those; what they want to understand is what value your product will bring to them. They need to know how it will improve their life. The best way to showcase that is through telling stories of how it’s improved the lives of others like them. Tell a story – and make your customer the hero. Your product is there to help the hero win. 

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3. Speak To Your Customer’s Pain Points 

Contrary to what many believe, a marketer’s biggest challenge is rarely competitors. What you’re most often competing against is the status quo. Inertia is real, and most people are reluctant to change something that’s working. Even if it’s only kind of working or  even if it’s not working that well at all. Because change requires effort, and as human beings, we tend not to want to spend more energy than necessary.

This is why, when communicating your sales message, it’s usually best to build around your customers’ problems and pain points. The promise of not only improving what they have but providing relief from something they don’t want has a bigger chance of getting them to challenge the status quo and take action. 


4. Focus on Outcomes Rather Than Processes In Marketing Video Production

The question every potential customer will ask when deciding whether even to hear your message out, is “So what? What’s in this for me?”. And considering the enormous amount of marketing and sales messages we’re all sifting through daily, that’s understandable. 

This is why you need to center your video production around the outcome your customers can expect from buying your product rather than how it works. You need to answer “so what?” before you move on to explain the “how,” not the other way around. If you start at the wrong end, you’ll lose your viewers before getting to the good stuff. 

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5. Clear Is Better Than Clever in Video Marketing

We get it, it’s easy to get carried away and fall in love with fun and creative ideas, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But keep in mind that clear beats clever every time. It doesn’t matter how smart a wordplay you come up with if the message ends up lost in translation. And creating a video is an investment, so you want to make sure you get your point across in the most efficient way. 

The best way to achieve that is to get crystal clear on your core message, keep it simple, and not over-complicate the message.

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6. Be Authentic and Build Emotional Connections

No other format has the power to capture people’s attention and create emotional connections the same way that video does. But to achieve that, it has to be done right. Millennials and Gen Z audiences are exposed to a myriad of marketing messages on a daily basis, and to stand out, you need to create videos that have an impact. So what does that mean? 

The answer spells authenticity. Only when your videos feel genuine and authentic will they capture your audience’s attention, build trust in your brand, and help you drive sales.  

To create authentic sales videos, you don’t need to invent something new but rather build on what already exists. What are you proud of as a company? What do your customers love about your product or offer? Those are the stories that corporate video makers can help you tell in a new way. 

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