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How to Leverage Live Video Production (Live Streaming) in Your Marketing

Live video production, also known as live streaming, is a way to broadcast a live event or performance. You can do it via an app on your phone, through your computer’s webcam and microphone, or with the assistance of a video production company that specializes in this service.


What Is Live Video Production (Live Streaming)?

Live video production is the process of filming and broadcasting a video in real-time. This means that if you’re watching a live stream, you are seeing exactly what the person filming sees as the film. Live streaming applications such as Facebook Live, or YouTube Live make it easy for anyone to broadcast live from their phones to any audience on the internet with just a few taps. With live video production becoming more attainable than ever before, there’s no better time to leverage this technology to start making the most of your content marketing efforts.

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4 Benefits of Live Video Production (Live Streaming)

When done right, live video production can be an excellent way to engage your audience, and increase conversions – here are just a few reasons why it works so well.


Making your content more personal increases customer satisfaction.

The desire to connect with others is hard-wired into our DNA, which is why building genuine relationships has always been key to successful marketing outreach. Live video production enables you to do just that by allowing you to humanize your brand through engaging on a one-on-one basis with viewers. Putting faces behind company names leads people to feel more connected with you, thus strengthening trust and brand affinity. Don


Live video is more engaging

If you’ve ever watched a live video or TV show on social media, the chance is pretty good that you have interacted with it by liking, commenting, sharing, or sending some form of direct message. This interaction makes you feel like you are part of something bigger, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Live video production encourages this type of participation since it’s participatory by nature. Many of these live broadcasts also contain calls to action to make it easy for your audience to respond, which tells you who is watching and allows you to tailor future live videos accordingly.


Live video gives viewers the opportunity-to-view

There are probably many people who have never had the chance to see your business but would love the opportunity if given one. One way that many businesses have used live video production successfully is by taking their show on the road. For example, if you owned a car dealership, you could set up at various locations throughout town, inviting new people into your community every week. This works even better with restaurants or other service-based businesses since they can take their camera along on sales calls or service appointments so clients can watch


Live Video Marketing is Cost-Efficient and Agile

Live video production can be a great way to reach new potential customers. It is an inexpensive method of advertising, and because it’s live, it has the ability to capture people’s attention more than other forms of advertisements. The numbers show that there are over 200 million users every month watching live video content on Facebook alone, so why not get in on the action? That number continues to grow each year exponentially. With these types of statistics, businesses should become familiar with live video production if they haven’t already begun using this method for their marketing strategies.


When Is Live Video Production (Live Streaming) a Good Marketing Tactic?

Live video production (live streaming) is a good marketing strategy when it is being used as a tool to attract new customers or to support an existing business. It can be helpful for so many different types of companies. To name a few, restaurants could use live video production as a way to showcase their menu and introduce people to their food in real-time, social media managers could broadcast from company events and manufacturers. It’s great for broadcasting events and new ways of digital interactions, such as live shopping streams.


Live Switching Explained

Live switching is a method or process that is used to produce live video. The production usually happens in the studio, where it is presented to its viewers who are watching live over the internet. Live streaming can be delivered to a global audience, and you can obtain an immediate response. It’s also possible to engage with your consumers, interact with them in real-time, ask questions, etc.

Live switching is when you switch between multiple cameras when broadcasting live TV programming or producing live events like sporting events. An operator in charge of switching will need to choose which camera tells the best story. Sometimes they also show replays that were not shown before in order to provide context around what’s going on.

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Things to Consider When Using Live Streaming in Your Marketing Strategy

Live streaming is a potent tool. However, not all live video strategies are created equal. You’ll need to consider many things before deciding whether this particular marketing tactic is suitable for you.

First of all, make sure that you have enough bandwidth available to ensure a smooth stream. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data (in KB/s) you can send through at any given time – essentially how much information (and thus viewers) your internet connection can handle at once. If you’re using WiFi, testing out your channel with a speed test is recommended beforehand to ensure that your quality will be satisfactory.

Live streaming can also require quite a bit of forethought – you’ll need to think about the timing of your stream, which may be interested in watching it (and when), the broadcast itself. This means that you’ll need to put together an actual live streaming schedule in advance.

To create a successful live stream and take your video marketing to the next level, partnering with an experienced video production company is the best way forward.

At Covalent, we’re experts in all things video and are happy to help you get your live streaming rolling. Get in touch to explore the opportunities!


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