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Like having your cake and eating it too! – White Paper

Situation Analysis/Research:

Pineapple Payments, a Pittsburgh-based payments technology company that provides payment processing, proprietary technology, and omnichannel payment acceptance solutions, is a challenger brand in a market full of legacy companies.

We were brought in to help them make a splash, create new leads, and become the talk of Transact 2019, one of the biggest payment conferences of the year.

We determined that a unique, hyper-targeted, and personalized Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign would drive the results Pineapple desired.


We understood this type of ABM was a good fit for Pineapple because, during Transact, many of the critical decision makers Pineapple wanted to talk to would be there and staying at the hotel of the event. This provided us with an opportunity to create a unique, WOW moment for those targeted individuals.

We considered what differentiates Pineapple from their competition. We decided that their excellent service, innovative solutions, and a fresh look at the industry is “Like having your cake and eating it too.” This informed the design of the boxes, the corporate video production process, and whom we targeted.

There are three core elements in creating a successful ABM campaign: a solid list of at least 50 individuals whom you want to target, a well-crafted video with an attached personalized greeting, and a well-designed delivery mechanism that ties the entire campaign together.

With Pineapple, we developed 50 people who were key decision-makers of the companies Pineapple were after and were staying at the hotel of the event. We then designed, scripted, shot, and crafted two videos that covered Pineapple’s unique selling propositions to two specific customer segments; Independent Sales Agents (ISO) and Independent Software Vendors (ISV).

We recorded personalized greetings from the President, VP of Business Development, or VP of Product, and attached those greetings to the beginning of the main video.

Leaning into “Like having your cake and eating it too,” we designed and purchased the delivery box around having a fresh pineapple cake in it for our targeted customer to enjoy. So when someone opened the box, they would instantly be greeted by either the President, VP of Business Development, or VP of Product, with a great promotional video to tell them all about Pineapples services, and a delicious pineapple upside down cake to enjoy after.

Turn 50 targeted individuals into warm/hot leads.
Setup Meetings with 30%
Close 10% to 15% of those leads
Be the Talk of Transact 2019


We traveled to Vegas (where the event was held), to package up the boxes with delicious pineapple cakes and load the video onto the screen inside the box. Working with the hotel, we located were our 50 contacts were staying. We then had every box placed inside the guests’ hotel room before their arrival.

In addition to some full tummies, we’re happy to overachieve on our original goals:
There was a big buzz about the delivered boxes, and people were talking about it all week
One video shared by a targeted individual was watched over 5,000 times on Linkedin
Pineapple had a response rate from the Campaign of 69%. Many of which came down to meet them at their booth at the event.
They had a 39% meeting rate with those targeted individuals
Pineapple experience a 20% close rate from those targeted in the Campaign.

We are discussing increasing the scope and creating another campaign for 2020.

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