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Award Winner – A story about a Big by a Little.

We won a Gold and Silver Addy for “I’m Happy,” and it would not be possible without a very talented “Little.”

Mentors who volunteer to spend their time with at-risk youth for Big Brothers Big Sisters refer to themselves as “Bigs” and the kids they mentor as “Littles.” As a “Big” myself, I wanted to create a video that would tell a story from the “Little’s” perspective.

I knew a traditional interview with a “Little” would not capture the emotion, depth, and attachment that develops between a match. So, I went looking for an inspiring poet, who also happens to be a “Little.” Enter Anasia, a 15-year-old aspiring poet who has been matched with her “Big” Erica for 7.5 years.

She wrote the beautiful poem you hear in the video.

It was important to me that we heard Anasia’s voice, speaking her own words, with her real emotions. She was a rockstar at the recording session, and I don’t think the video would have been as powerful without her reading.

From the very beginning, I wanted the video to be animation. I worked with my best friend Zach Christy to turn that idea into a reality. We pulled our design inspirations from real memories and events that Erica and Anasia shared together. We wanted the designs and video to feel like something out of a child’s imagination and sketchbook, and we settled on using the BBBS brand colors throughout.

I really have to give credit to Zach for pulling all these ideas, emotions, and designs together into something we are incredibly proud of.

Thank you to Big Brothers Big Sisters for all the work they do, Anasia for sharing and performing her beautiful words, and Zach for donating his talent and time to making this great.

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