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What Makes The Best Corporate Videos–Key Traits, Benefits and Examples

Capturing a potential customer’s attention is harder than ever in our fast-paced world, and many studies show that you only have 10 seconds or less to do so. Every company needs a way to deliver its message in a short and concise manner that conveys the prospect that your company is the solution to their problems.

Corporate videos are a valuable way to accomplish these goals while also being great at winning the battle for attention, as many people prefer and remember more from video than other forms of media.

But knowing how to start is not easy, and there are many challenging aspects of creating a truly great corporate video. That’s why we made this article where we will cover what a corporate video is, what benefits they bring, and what makes the best corporate videos out there. 


What Is a Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are short 45 to 90 seconds videos, typically used for creating brand awareness, advertising the company’s solution, or providing training. Corporate videos come in a wide range of styles, including live-action and 3D animation, each with its own strengths, and they can bring many benefits to your business. 

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6 Benefits of Corporate Videos

People Remember Video Better

Studies show that people only remember about 20% of what they read, while they remember around 80% of what they perceive by sight. Video is also one of the most attention-grabbing forms of content available, and people are more likely to stop reading a text than to stop watching an exciting video. 

The combination of virtual content being easier to remember and that people will often finish the entire video makes corporate videos great for delivering your company’s message and conveying to them that you’re the solution to their problems. 


Higher Engagement

We are very exposed to video via services like YouTube, Netflix, and more, and we tend to respond very positively to video. The familiarity with video content makes us more engaged and more likely to act on the information we just received. This engagement can be leveraged in many parts of your business, by for example having a strong call to action. 


Concise and Densely Packed Information 

In terms of information value, video delivers much more data than images or text. This is because you use a combination of channels to transmit the information – voiceover, sounds, music, text, and animations. 

Simply put, a corporate video is very cost-effective from a corporate standpoint because of all the information you can fit into the relatively short timeline. Since the data becomes more concise and densely packed, the content becomes more engaging and converting.


Great for SEO

Search engines really like video content, which is why your website will rank higher if you have a high-quality video. Search engines appreciate that you provide concise content your viewer will easily understand. Because videos are so engaging, users will stay on your site longer than average. Google recognizes both of these, which is why your overall SEO will improve immensely with a great corporate video. 


Easily Shareable

When someone sees a video they like, their initial reaction is to share it. This is also the case for corporate videos and means that your corporate video can help generate leads. Selling to larger customers can be very challenging as there are so many parts involved, but the easily shareable capabilities of a corporate video help bring everyone up to speed.


Brings Clarity to Your Solution

Explaining an abstract product or capturing the essence of your brand can be very challenging, but corporate videos do a great job at it. Because of all the different channels transmitting information on a video, we process data much better from virtual content. This makes it easier for your target audience to understand the message you’re to deliver, making business goals easier to achieve.

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The Best Corporate Videos: 5 Trends in 2022

Corporate video trends are in constant change depending on many factors. Having the correct style to resonate with your target audience and reap the benefits from your video is crucial. Here are five corporate video trends to be inspired by: 


Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos showcase a product and the product’s link that the viewer can click on, which makes them a perfect way to increase your conversion rates mid-funnel. When the viewer clicks on the link, they’re instantly redirected to the product page or shopping cart, making the shopping experience very straightforward.

Up until recently, it was mostly fashion brands that used shoppable videos. But because of their seamless shopping experience, many other types of retailers and service companies have started using them. 


Interactive 360-Degree Videos

Growing alongside advanced technology innovations like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), interactive 360-degree videos are becoming increasingly popular. These types of videos are perfect for events, showrooms, or showcasing a location, and they are great at capturing the viewer’s attention. VR videos also allow companies to do imaginative storytelling – one of the most important aspects of a high converting corporate video. 


Vertical Videos

Sometimes simple is what works, and vertical videos are just that. By shooting the film in vertical mode, viewers don’t have to tilt their phones, making the watching experience more enjoyable and immersive. Vertical videos also allow you to focus on what’s important instead of wasting time building the perfect background and so on. 


Personalized Videos

Creating target and personalized marketing videos is a valuable way to increase the effects it brings. However, making one specific video for every prospect is by no means cost-effective. Instead, you can create videos tailored to particular audience segments to make your solution extra appealing. Here are a few examples of why personalized videos are so valuable and lead to higher conversion rates: 

  • Addresses the customer’s pain directly
  • Delivers a tailored experience
  • It makes you stand out from competitors
  • Creates a deeper relationship with the viewer
  • Improved brand recognition

Educational Videos

Educational videos have always been popular, but the pandemic drove many companies to start investing heavily into e-learning in order to combat the lost on-site training possibilities. Educational videos are not only valuable within the company, but they can also be used to drive traffic and leads by offering free tutorials and classes on any subject. High-quality educational videos also build trust and improve customer satisfaction. 


5 Key Traits of the Best Corporate Videos

Creating a successful corporate video is by no means an easy task, as there are many things you need to nail for it to convey your message and convert your prospects. Here are five valuable qualities every corporate video should have:


Clear Message

The first thing you need to know when creating a corporate video is what message it’s supposed to deliver. The script should be concise, get to the point immediately, and clarify what the viewers should take away or do after watching the video. 


Target Demographic

A clear target demographic is a must to create a successful corporate video. This lays the foundation for the script, which needs to be worded to resonate with the audience. Otherwise, your viewers will get disengaged and stop watching. 


Approachable Identity

Putting a face to the name is crucial in corporate video production, as your audience will receive the message better if they have someone to relate to. This is achievable through great casting or having a likable figurehead speaking. Either way, an approachable identity gives your audience a stronger association with your brand. 


Engaging and Slick Design

An exciting and engaging video keeps the viewer around and is therefore essential for a successful corporate video. The design should set the tone of your brand and highlight the most important things to attract the viewer’s attention.


Strong Call to Action

A converting call to action is often what makes or breaks a corporate video. After watching the video, your viewer will be excited and wondering what to do next. That’s why the best corporate videos always have a link or button leading to a website or sales team at the end of the video.


Pitfalls To Avoid In Corporate Video Production


Lack of Planning

Perhaps the biggest corporate video production mistake is not having a clear plan. Not only will this produce a mediocre outcome, but the project will be less cost-effective due to an endless need for revisions. Proper planning also ensures that you deliver the desired message in a conveying and engaging way. 


Bad Quality

Your corporate video is your face outwards and sets the brand’s tone, and you don’t want a negative perception of your company. That’s why it’s crucial to use an exciting and captivating design that captures your viewer’s attention and enables you to reach the full potential of your corporate video. 


Unclear Call to Action

After watching your corporate video, viewers will feel excited and ready to make a change. That’s why this is the perfect time to capitalize on that new-won trust and ask for something from them. This could be to click on a link or a form to fill out. If you don’t use a clear call to action, you will leave your viewer confused and wondering what to do next.


Poor SEO Marketing

At the end of the day, your corporate video is of little use if no one sees it, making forgetting about SEO marketing one of the biggest pitfalls. To ensure that your corporate video reaches its full potential and gets picked up by the search engines, you should transcribe videos and have them accompanied by the script and include powerful keywords.


The Best Corporate Videos – 3 Examples to Be Inspired By

If you still feel a little bit confused over what your corporate video should look like, here are three great examples to be inspired by:



It’s no secret that information technology giant Google is great at marketing, but this corporate video does a terrific job of helping users understand how their search results are impacted in critical moments. The video is very friendly because of the high-quality voice acting and soothing animations, and a clear call to action at the end makes the interested viewer know what to do next. 


Dollar Bank

We were brought in to create a new campaign of corporate promotional videos for Dollar Bank. To create something truly authentic, we used real small business locations and people to resonate with millennials – Dollar Bank’s target audience. Through great casting, we made an inspiring video that leaves the viewer excited and ready to take on new challenges.



Apple has produced a wide range of excellent corporate videos, and this time it was not about promoting a product, but showing their customers the company’s core values. They do a great job at delivering the message of the company’s importance of diversity, through high-quality voice acting and casting, combined with smooth transitions and an intriguing script.



Key Takeaways

  • A corporate video is typically a short 45 to 90 seconds video meant to create brand awareness, advertise the company’s solution, or provide training.


  • Well-executed corporate videos offer your business a wide range of benefits, including increased clarity and rememberability of your solution, higher engagement, and improved SEO.


  • Corporate video production has many potential pitfalls, such as inadequate planning and an unclear call to action.


  • Many of the world’s most successful companies use corporate videos as a part of their marketing strategy.


How Covalent Can Help

Hopefully, you now have a good idea of what a corporate video is, what key traits the great ones have, and the wide range of benefits they come with. However, it’s not strange if you feel a little bit overwhelmed with all the parts you need to get right, but that’s where we come in.

Covalent is an experienced video production company based in Pittsburgh, and we’re happy to help you create the perfect corporate video for your company. Reach out to us to discuss how we can empower your brand and help your business.


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