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The Real Value of Investing In Video Marketing

Any savvy marketer will know that when you’re budgeting for marketing activities, you need to separate the concepts of cost and value. This is extra relevant when it comes to video marketing, where the cost may initially feel high, but the value and return on investment exceed all other formats. 

So, what is the actual value of investing in video marketing? And why is it worth putting in the time, effort, and budget to engage a video marketing agency to create corporate and brand videos? That’s what we’ll focus on in this article.


10 Reasons To Invest in Video Marketing, Brand Video, and Corporate Video

Hubspot reports that marketers feel more optimistic about the ROI on video than ever. The pandemic has dramatically increased the consumption of online video, and video marketing continues to have a strong positive impact on everything from traffic, leads and sales, and brand affinity, and customer loyalty. And this is equally true for B2C and B2B brands. Consumer brands like Nike and Ikea excel at video marketing, just as B2B brands like Slack and Adobe.


1. Your Audience Expects (and Loves!) Video 

Research shows that people watch an average of 16 hours of video online every week. And as many as 84% have been convinced to buy something by watching a brand’s video. Video is simply the new way of consuming online content, and your audience expects you to use it to sway them.


2. The ROI on Video Is Better Than All Other Formats

Measuring the ROI of marketing activities is always a challenge, but marketers seem to be in agreement when it comes to video marketing. 89% of video marketers state that investing in video marketing gives them an outstanding ROI.


3. Video Marketing Makes Your Brand Stand Out

Working with a good video marketing agency to create original and authentic brand videos will help drive awareness about your brand. A brand video doesn’t necessarily need to advertise a specific product or service; it can be about your company and brand as a whole. Brand videos present a unique opportunity for building your brand narrative exactly how you want to convey it. 

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4. Video Will Help You Convey Your Message

94% of marketers feel that corporate videos have increased their audience’s understanding of their product or service. As many as 43% say that corporate video has also reduced the number of support calls they receive. 

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5. Video Marketing Builds Trust and Customer Loyalty

Well-made corporate videos and brand videos create a genuine and authentic connection with your audience that is difficult, if not impossible, to replicate with text. Seeing real faces and hearing real voices tell your brand’s story and explaining what you do and what you stand can help you build customer relationships that last. 

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6. Video Helps You Drive Conversions and Generate Leads

Most marketers agree that video is an excellent vehicle for lead generation, and as many as 84% of video marketers state that video has been effective for generating leads. And those are not any leads, it seems, as a staggering 78% report that video marketing has positively affected their company’s bottom line and sales numbers. 

7. Video Marketing Is Great For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Video is great for SEO, which means it helps your audience find your products and services. Video marketing will help your site rank better on the search engines, and 86% of marketers state that video has increases traffic to their website. 

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8. Video Is You Best Shot At Going Viral 

In a survey by Wordstream, results showed that social videos trigger 1200% (!) more shares than text and images generate together. Add to that the fact that 58% of consumers will visit a brand’s social media page before their website, and you will begin to realize the importance – and potential – of video marketing on social media.

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9. Mobile Users Prefer Video

Mobile phone usage keeps increasing, and YouTube reports that mobile video consumption grows every year by 100%. This is why marketers in many segments are today thinking mobile-first in all content production. And it goes without saying that when people are on their phones, long-form blog articles or PDFs are not an optimal format. Unsurprisingly, 90% of people prefer watching videos on their phones. 

10. If You Don’t Stay Ahead, You Get Left Behind

The sooner you start investing in your video marketing, the sooner you will start learning what works for your audience and message. And vice versa; the longer you wait, the more left behind will you be once you get to it. Because when it comes to video marketing, it really isn’t a matter of if, only of when and how. 

Partner With An Award-Winning Video Marketing Agency 

Covalent is an award-winning video marketing agency where we specialize in innovative and original brand videos and corporate videos. We excel at creating everything from authentic, docu-style videos to explainer videos and commercial ads. We’re experienced video marketers and can assist in every step of the process – from ideation all the way to finished product.

We’d love to chat about how we can help your brand make the most of your video marketing investment. 

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