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5 Reasons To Invest In Brand Video Production

If you’re a business owner looking to increase your brand recognition, marketing reach, and customer engagement, then video marketing is the way to go. Many of today’s most prominent brands have been using video marketing successfully for years. Why? Because it works! Partnering with an experienced video content agency is the best marketing investment a company can make right now. 

Brand videos are a powerful tool for businesses of any size. They can engage the audience in ways that are not possible with text or images alone. Video can be created in many different forms, from mobile phone videos to complex multiscreen video installations, which means that there is no limit on how it can be used to communicate your message. Whether your budget for video production is large or limited, there’s a strategy and production level to suit your needs. 

At Covalent, we work with businesses of all sizes, from Non-Profits like 412 Food Rescue, and medium-sized businesses like USACS, to large enterprise customers like GoDaddy. There is no size of business too small or too large to benefit from brand video production. 


Video Marketing Improves Brand Awareness 

If you’re trying to build your brand and increase your visibility, video marketing is an excellent way to accomplish those goals. Video allows you to stand out and be unique in a very crowded marketplace of brands looking for exposure. Video marketing can help you build brand awareness and tell your brand story in new and creative ways that draw people in and make them remember your message. No other medium is as powerful for conveying brand messages and creating memorable marketing.

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Videos Have A Better Social Reach

Videos are also more likely to go viral than written content – which would explain why there is such a glut of video marketing and advertising everywhere you look on the internet. There is something much more personal about watching an individual make a product or describe its benefits to you rather than looking at images and stock photography. Many people who wouldn’t read through lengthy blog posts will still watch an hour-long presentation if they can glean valuable information from it later. Videos allow marketers to provide that glimpse into your brand world without forcing consumers to invest large amounts of time in doing so.


Videos Help You Build Trust Through Authenticity

According to a recent study, 64% of consumers say that authenticity matters when they watch brand videos from a brand they do not know very well. It has been proven time after time in studies like this one that consumers can sense when a company lacks authenticity and trustworthiness. When that happens, people simply avoid buying their products or services. If your company uses video, you can show behind-the-scenes footage, introduce employees and executives, talk about your business philosophy, all to increase a sense of trustworthiness.


Video Allows For Stronger Storytelling

Great storytelling is vital in any kind of marketing. Marketing is about convincing people why they need your product and how it will improve their lives, so the more you can do this with stories and emotions rather than just facts and figures, the better. This is where video comes in: it allows marketers to show potential customers that they understand them and their problems in a way that text alone cannot. 

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Video Creates Emotional Connections

Not only do videos enable marketers to speak directly to their target audiences, but they also help create trust between consumers and companies. When you visit the website of someone who looks like a robot (or is one), it’s hard to feel like you can trust them. On the other hand, when you watch someone who doesn’t appear fake demonstrate how something works before your eyes, it does more than increase your confidence in the product — it makes the marketing seem less self-serving and therefore more trustworthy. No format is better than video to create an authentic feel in your marketing.

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Videos Improve Your SEO

Video marketing doesn’t attract only human viewers; search engines also like it! Everything from social shares to time spent on site improves as a result of watching videos. Optimizing your video content for search engines will help new audiences find your brand. And once they’re watching, you can give them a reason to stay by linking to content relevant to your video.

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Getting Started With Brand Video Production

Videos are more than just a marketing tool for businesses. They’re an opportunity to create authentic connections with your brand and potential customers through storytelling that can lead to increased sales, improved customer loyalty, and strengthened relationships. If you want help getting started creating videos or improving the ones you already have, we’re here for you! 

Covalent is a creative video content agency specializing in video marketing and brand videos for B2B and B2C companies. We excel at creative, authentic productions that help your brand stand out from the competition and build affinity with your target audience. 

Contact us today to discuss how video production will fit into your digital strategy moving forward – we’re happy to help!


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