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6 Great Styles of Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are made to show what others are saying about your brand or product. Reading or watching testimonials has become an integral part of the customer journey. Did you know that 88% of consumers trust online testimonials as much as they trust recommendations from family or friends? Brands that don’t leverage this are leaving some serious money on the table.  

The most popular types of testimonial videos include customer interviews, personal experiences, celebrity endorsements, animation/drawing illustrations. As a marketer, it can be complicated knowing which type will work best for your business, so here are six great styles to choose from! 

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Docu-style or Documentary Testimonials

Docu-style testimonial video consists of users sharing their experiences with your product or service in a documentary-style setting. This type of testimonial video is a valuable marketing asset that provides a personal perspective on your product. Docu-style testimonials show that you’re credible and trustworthy; through their inherent authenticity, they help build trust in your brand and establish a positive reputation for your business. 

Recently, we created a series of testimonial videos to promote Adopting Retired Greyhound Racers, all of them in the docu-styöe format.

Adopt a Retired Racer – Nonprofit



Results-Based Testimonial Videos

A results-based approach focuses on the actual outcomes your customers have seen thanks to your products or services. Why other testimonial videos might zero in on the customer experience or your brand narrative, this type of testimonial video is all about facts and numbers. How much more money did your clients make, how much more successful are your B2B customers, or how many more sales did your software generate? This is a powerful type of video testimonial that combines the authenticity of the testimonial format with hard facts about what results to expect. One great example is this video production from American Express, sharing the results their customers have experienced. 



Emotional Testimonial Videos

Emotional testimonial videos aim to engage the viewer on an emotional level. They’re often most effective when they tap into universal human needs and desires, such as security, comfort, curiosity, personal significance, connection, love, and growth. Connecting with your audience on an emotional level is one of the best ways to leave a memorable mark and have them associate your brand with positive values.

This testimonial video from Salesforce is an excellent example of how brands can use great storytelling in an employee testimonial to build brand affinity.



Company Culture Testimonials

Testimonials are not only an excellent tool for building your brand and attracting customers. They’re also very powerful when it comes to building your employer brand and attracting the right talent to your business. By letting employees share their employee experience with your potential hires in a testimonial video, you set the tone and attract the right people. This video testimonial from Aldi is the perfect example of how you can convey your company culture through a video testimonial.



Customer Story Video

The customer story format is a great complement to regular testimonials. It’s usually more elaborate and shares the customer’s experience over a more extended time. While many testimonials are pretty focused on a particular product or service, the customer story takes the time to paint the whole picture. From how a company or consumer identified a problem and started looking for a solution to that solution showing up in the form of your product or service. This customer story that we shot for 412 Food Rescue shows how a customer story can be used to build out a narrative and context. 

412 Food Rescue – Why I Rescue Food


Celebrity or Influencer Endorsement Videos

Celebrity endorsements shine the light not so much on how your products are used but by whom. Piggybacking on the trust that celebrities or influencers have already built with their audiences is becoming an increasingly popular marketing move. And an efficient one at that. The celebrity endorsement video combines many of the elements of other testimonial videos but adds a layer of star quality while also helping you increase reach and engagement. 



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So, what style of testimonial video do you need? 

It all depends on your product, industry, target audience, and what channels you are looking to leverage. While a celebrity endorsement can be gold when it comes to driving B2C sales, an employee testimonial is what will help you recruit top talent in your industry. As always, the most important thing is to be clear on your objective before you get creative.

Making these decisions and getting started with video production can feel overwhelming, especially if you haven’t created video testimonials before. But that’s why we’re here – to help! Companies who start investing in video testimonials rarely look back, as this represents the video format that yields perhaps the best ROI of them all. 

Covalent is a video production company with extensive experience, and we can create the perfect testimonial for your business. We excel at content with an authentic feel that will not only look great on social media but give potential customers an idea of what it’s like to be your customer. Contact us today to get started!


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