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7 Reasons B2B Video Production Should Be Part of Your Sales Toolkit

B2B video production is not just for marketing. Videos are also a great sales enablement tool that can help you make your company’s sales training fun and efficient. Videos are easy and accessible for the sales team to watch and can be consumed at any time with minimal effort. Video content also makes it easier for new team members to quickly get up-to-speed on strategies and products. They won’t have to read anything; instead, they can watch and listen as an expert walks them through the different concepts and processes step by step. 

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Let’s look at seven different reasons you should make videos part of your sales enablement strategy.


1. People Want To Watch Videos

You’ve probably heard this one a million times already, but the fact remains: people want to watch videos. This is true for people in general, and it’s also true for your sales team. For example, when given the option of reading text or watching a video on the same topic, 57% of executives prefer video. In fact, it’s increasingly hard to get people to read written materials at all. And yet, many B2B brands are way behind their B2C counterparts when it comes to video production. By giving your salespeople the information they need in a format that they enjoy consuming, you give them–and your business–a head start against your competitors. 


2. People Process Visuals Faster Than Text

Videos can help you communicate more (and higher quality) information faster–up to 60,000 times faster, according to a recent study. And when you’re trying to connect with a busy audience like your sales team, with limited time and attention spans, speed is of the essence. The quicker your sales team can understand and learn what they need to, the faster they can get started selling your products and growing your business. 

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3. Videos Are Easy To Watch, Save, and Share

Compared to written content, PD’s and slide decks, videos are delightfully fun and easy to digest. They require minimum effort; all your salespeople will need to do is sit back and watch. This can be done anywhere, on any device, and it’s easy to share the content with a colleague. If interrupted, it’s easy to resume watching, and valuable videos can be saved and rewatched later.



4. Videos Create Emotional Connections 

Videos create emotional reactions like no other medium. This means that an engaging video can help set the mood for your sales team’s in-person conversations, whether they happen directly after viewing the video or months later. The impact you can create with video overrides all other formats. B2B video production allows you to help set the tone for your sales messages by showing instead of telling your sales team what your company stands for and wants to convey. 

Here’s an example of an emotional sales enablement video we made for the MassMutual Trust Company to help their brokers start product conversations with clients.


5. B2B Video Production Allows You To Repurpose Existing Content 

As any savvy content marketer will tell you, repurposing is where it’s at. Always applying a 10X mindset by asking yourself how you can get ten times the value of things you create is a great way to maximize your marketing ROI. And the best way to repurpose things is by turning them into videos. Have a look at your blog, for example. Which posts are the best-performing ones? Those can be turned into videos and published both on your website and Youtube. This way, the information will be easier to access and consume, both for your sales team and their prospects.

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6. Videos Will Increase the Sales Team’s Content Usage

Sometimes marketing struggles to get the sales team actually to use all the content they create their sales dialogs. This is usually not the case with video, however. If you’re finding that your sales teams are not using written materials, identify the most strategically vital information and include it in a video instead. Every video doesn’t have to start from scratch; often, you get the best results by building on and developing the content and messaging you already have. 


7. Videos Help Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

When asked about their biggest challenge when it comes to improving performance, sales and marketing teams often cite poor communication. The lack of alignment between sales and marketing on things like business and marketing strategies, key initiatives, and the approach to client needs is as common as it is damaging to your business results. But creating a sales enablement video as a joint venture can be the perfect opportunity for your sales and marketing to work together. It’s a group effort that allows all stakeholders to better understand each other, the customer, and how everyone can be a part in driving sales–together.  

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How Covalent Can Help

Covalent is an experienced Pittsburgh video production company specializing in creative and authentic corporate video production. We can help you create everything from brand videos and explainer videos to docu-style case studies and commercials. 

If you’re looking to get started with B2B video production, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to discuss the different opportunities and help you create valuable sales enablement videos.


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