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What To Include In Your Brand Video–and What to Leave Out

The best way to communicate your brand story and message is through video. It’s the perfect medium for sharing who you are and what makes your company unique. But it can be challenging to figure out what to include in your brand video–and just as important, what not to include.

One of the most common mistakes marketers make when drafting the storyline for their videos is including too much information. For the message of your brand video to stick, you want to keep it as short, clear, and concise as possible. 

Let’s have a look at five different pointers that will help you avoid cramming too much detail into one video.

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Don’t Focus On The Product – Focus On The Viewer

One common pitfall many brands make is to use an inside-out perspective rather than an outside-in approach. What does this mean? It means many brands get stuck talking about themselves, their product, and how awesome it is. What they really should be focusing on is making the customer the protagonist and telling them about the value your brand brings. In other words, not how awesome your product is, but how awesome it will make the buyer. 

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Pick One Point and Stick To It

Let’s say you’re creating a one-minute video. Then you have very limited time and space to get your point across. The more of that time and space you devote to things that are not essential, the less there will be left to convey what really matters. The purpose of your brand video is not to share as much information as possible about the brand, quite the contrary. The goal is to hook the viewer, capture their interest with ONE strong point, and give them just enough to pique their interest and want to learn more. And once they come for more, that’s when you can keep adding more information. So don’t be afraid to leave things out; it will only help you keep your viewers attention. 

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Decide What You Want the Viewer to Feel and Do

Instead of focusing on what you want to tell your audience, it can be helpful to focus on how you want them to feel and what action you want them to take after watching your video. Then you can do some reverse-engineering to land on what message will get them there. Sometimes brands and marketers get caught up in the stuff they “want” to tell, as opposed to what’s important for the recipient to hear. You want to evoke the feeling that gets your viewer to challenge the status quo and take action. 

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Don’t Assume Everyone Will Watch The Whole Video

It’s important to remember that many people will not watch your video in its entirety but rather watch a little bit here, a little bit there. And many will just catch a glimpse of it as it swooshes by in their social media feed. We wish all viewers would watch all videos attentively from beginning to end, but it’s better and more realistic to assume that most will not. The question then, is will they still walk away remembering your core message? Applying this mindset will help you sift through the tons of information that could potentially be included in a brand video and boil things down to their very essence.

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Leverage Storytelling to Get The Attention of Your Audience

Every company has a story to tell. And as humans, stories are how we relate to the world around us. What do you want the viewer of your brand video to know? How can you help them understand who you are as a company? What story can you tell, get through to them? Put yourself in their shoes to understand what would capture their interest and get your point across. Telling a story that connects with the viewer on an emotional level will always be more powerful than listing our features and USPs.

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The Right Video Production Agency Can Help You

Partnering with an experienced and creative video production agency is the best way to ensure crisp, clear, and to-the-point messaging. Writing scripts is a skill set that is quite different from writing other types of texts, such as web copy or blog content. It requires talent and experience to get it right and make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Covalent is a video production company with extensive experience in all kinds of corporate video productions, from brand videos and commercials to product videos and educational explainer videos. We excel at creating video content that feels authentic and unique to help your brand cut through the noise and stand out against your competitors. 

We collaborate closely with our clients to deliver the best possible video for their needs. And yes, sometimes that will mean leaving out things you thought were necessary to include. But trust us. We’ve done this before. Little goes a long way, and too much will just make your audience tune out and keep scrolling. 

If you’re looking to get started with brand video production, we should chat! Let’s explore how we can make your brand come alive with video.


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