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TEDxPittsburgh – Greater Than

This was our 4th year in a row creating a video that would kick start TEDxPittsburgh’s premier event of the year. The theme this year was Greater Than, and we wanted to get creative in how to represent the idea that we can all be greater than our own problems and selves.

We stumbled upon a photo a few years ago that used RGB lighting to create multi-colored shadows. Impressed by the technique, we knew we could execute it in a video format.

Our talent was the actually speakers at the event, and we collaborated with them to create scenes that represented what their talks were about and what they were greater than. See if you can guess what they were Greater Than.

412 Food Rescue – Super Hero Kids

Our kids will inherit the future that we give them. It was with that spirit that this silver telly winning nonprofit video came to life.

Sitting down with 412 Food Rescue early this year, we discussed a new campaign to recruit new Food Rescue Heroes. There are hundreds of families across Pittsburgh that take their children and bring food that would have been thrown out to those that need it the most. We thought there was no better way to express the urgency of creating a better future and compelling more volunteers to join that capturing and sharing the stories of the kids who go out with their families on food rescues.

We also thought this story would resonate well with the pop culture movement of superheroes, so interviewed nine children and asked them what they thought about food rescue, hunger, their future, and the environment. From that content, we created our story and begun filming in the summer. For three days, we dressed our protagonist as superheroes and filmed them around the city of Pittsburgh.

BBBS of Greater PGH – A Blessing

Heidi, a mother of six, recently lost her husband and is going blind from a degenerative eye disease. Faced with taking care of six children all by herself and the children reeling from the loss of their father, she looked for something that could help them all through this tough time.

When she discovered Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh, she knew she found the perfect match. For the first time in the organization’s history, five of her six children were matched with a Big mentor in one day.

We captured this story for BBBS for the next campaign to raise awareness about the programs they offer and the difference the volunteers can make in a child’s life.

TEDxPittsburgh – Small Worlds

Five thousand photos, 5,000 steps, 5,000 ideas to distill, create, and match to a beautifully written poem by Vanessa German.

For TEDxPittsburgh: Small Worlds, we were tasked with capturing the theme in a short video that would draw in the audience and leave them excited for the speakers’ talks.

This Hyperlapse video won the Mosaic Award for Celebrating Diversity, and it remains one of our favorite works to this day.

412 Food Rescue – Voices of Hunger – Ashley

In the United States, 1 in 7 is hungry. According to the UN, if we recover all the food that is lost or wasted, we will have enough to feed all those who are hungry, four times over.

We partnered with 412 Food Rescue to turn the real stories of families with food insecurities into short social media commercials. Creatively, we decided we could complement these compelling stories with creative animation. This allowed the individuals who shared their experience to stay anonymous and us to visualize their narrative without encroaching on their personal space.

Ashley’s story is one of two we produced for this campaign.

The Ellis School – Empowerment

Ellis girls defy stereotypes. It’s clear from the moment you set foot on campus. Instead of using the perspective, why no boys. The Ellis School wanted to make a video series that answers the question “Why All Girls.” The benefit of why all girls broke down into three main videos; Stereotypes, Empowerment, and Friendships.

For the campaign, we created three long-form videos centered on each subject: Stereotypes, Empowerment, and Friendships. We also created a 15, 30, and 60-second cuts of each video for social media campaigns.

BBBS of Greater PGH – I’m Happy (a poem by a little about a big)

We won a Gold and Silver Addy for “I’m happy.” This social media commercial premiered during Big Brothers Big Sisters’ most notable event of the year and then ran on Facebook and Instagram.

This is a story of a “Little” describing her time spent with her “Big” mentor. She wrote the poem, and then we recorded her reading it and developed the visuals from scratch.

412 Food Rescue – Food Rescue Heroes

412 Food Rescue was founded as a direct response to the disconnect between food waste, hunger, and environmental sustainability.

For the “Food Rescue Heroes” project, we were given the challenges of showing how and why volunteers feel that the work of the organization is so important and why they participate. It was essential for us to convey how these people fit food rescue easily into their everyday lives and how they garner fulfillment form their service.

Our approach was one of authenticity, following along to observing them on rescues, deliveries, and living their day to day lives.

Trade Institute of Pittsburgh

We partnered with the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh on a year-long contract to raise awareness of their brand, increase donations, and give them a strong presence on social media with great content. In one campaign, we raised over $24,000.00 and released compelling content three times a week. Increasing their followers and earning them recognition. It was a pleasure to work with such an amazing non-profit and share the powerful work and stories going on in their building.

This video was a mini-doc we created for the brand to give the viewer an inside look at the organization.

Ask Me Hear Me

1 in 5 youth have mental health issues, and 20% of them never receive help. We were commissioned to promote Ask Me Hear Me, which is a web app that helps breaks down the stigmas and gain an understanding of one’s mental health.

412 Food Rescue – Voices of Hunger – Joanne

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that 52% of fruits and vegetables go to waste —food that supplies that highest quality nutrition required to prevent obesity and disease.

We combed through interviews of individuals who have benefitted from food donation and found this fantastic perspective from Joanne. With her story, we were inspired to develop designs and animations from scratch to help visualize her story.

TEDxPittsburgh – Awakening

Awakenings are beginnings.

For TEDxPittsburgh: Awakening, we wanted to visualize the idea of awakenings through moving images that were both literal and figurative. From Spinning tops to inspirations, we wanted to convey the power of new beginnings that have the potential to change the world.