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Marketing Video Production: Trends and Strategies for 2022

When it comes to communicating with clients engagingly and memorably, nothing beats video. On all different internet platforms, video marketing has become the most appreciated type of content and the most efficient format in turning viewers into customers. 

In this article, we’ll look at what’s trending in 2022 in the world of marketing video production and guide you around tactics and how to build a winning video marketing strategy. Let’s dive in!


What Is Marketing Video Production 

Video marketing is when organizations use videos to market, promote and sell their products or services, increase engagement on digital and social channels, and educate customers about their offerings. There’s a wide range of benefits from using video in your marketing. Here are a few stats that showcase the power of video: 

  • In a survey by Lemonlight, 94% of respondents said that watching a video has helped them decide to make a purchase at least once. 
  • Video is a great way to get organic traffic from social media platforms. Facebook users spend over 100 million hours watching videos on the platform every day.
  • 95% of marketers state that video marketing has helped their buyers better understand their products and services. 

To read more about video marketing statistics, check out our article 40 Powerful Video Marketing Statistics.

Video marketing production entails the whole process of creating those videos. That means everything from the strategy and ideation phase all the way through shooting, post-production, and editing the final product. There are many marketing video production agencies out there, and partnering with the right one will be fundamental to your success. Finding a production agency that understands your needs quickly and is collaborative is a critical success factor, so do take the time to compare your options.

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10 Marketing Video Production Trends in 2022

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are growing increasingly popular and will continue to gain ground in 2022. They’re great for explaining complex concepts and products in understandable and interesting ways, making this format extra cherished by B2B marketers. 

There are many ways to use explainer videos in your marketing. Creative explainer videos can turn an otherwise slightly dull subject into entertainment. They can also work as brand videos, allowing you complete creative freedom in conveying your core messaging. They’re also helpful in ads and commercials. They can benefit from the explainer format, where they offer a very efficient and precise form for telling your message exactly the way you want.

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A Strong Focus On Storytelling

In a world where we’re all fighting a constant information overload, the importance of telling a good story keeps increasing. And no other media is better suited for this than video. 

As human beings, we’re hardwired to be attracted to stories. Stories are how we make sense of the world around us, and they help us understand and remember things. By sharing your brand’s story, you help your audience understand it, connect with it, and remember it. Storytelling is the most powerful technique in video marketing, and the marketers who learn to hone their storytelling skills will be the winners in 2022. 

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TikTok Videos

One social platform that really blew up in 2021 was TikTok. From having been a platform where tweens posted homemade videos of themselves dancing to the latest hits, it’s become a platform where you can find, well, everything. If you havenät caught up with the Tik Tok craze just yet, TikTok is a video platform based around 15-second videos that can be combined into a total of 60-second long sequences. Interaction with the content takes place as people scroll through their feeds, and in that way, it resembles Instagram. Only, it’s all about video. 

And while the most significant demographic on TikTok are still teenagers and young adults between 16-24, today, nearly 38% of TikTok’s users in the US are over 30 years old. The demographics will most likely keep evolving in the same direction, and TikTok is definitely a channel video marketers need to take seriously in 2022. 

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Docu-Style Video Production

Documentary-style videos are powerful in marketing and one of the genres we specialize in here at Covalent. Nothing beats the docu-style format when you want to create an authentic feeling. There’s no other style that builds trust and credibility quite like this one, where real people get to tell their stories and share their experiences using their own words.

In an age where people’s trust in brands and corporations has reached an all-time low, authenticity is crucial in video marketing. This is why docu-style has grown increasingly popular over the last few years and will only keep gaining ground in 2022. 

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Live video production, or live streaming, is rising and will explode in 2022. Live streaming is a way to broadcast live events or performances in real-time, and it can be done via an app on your phone, through your webcam, or with the assistance of a video production company. The appeal of live video production is that it creates real-time engagement, and it’s a powerful way to “humanize” your brand and make it feel less corporate. Live streaming is a modern, agile, and interactive way of communicating with your audience, and it’s a format expected to grow dramatically in video marketing in 2022. 

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Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are powerful marketing tools that work in literally any industry. They consist of actual customers sharing their experiences with your brand or product and are perfect for adding anywhere in the customer journey. So much so that reading or watching testimonials has become an integral part of most people’s research and a whole genre of its own on Youtube. Did you know that 88% of consumers actually trust online testimonials just as much as they trust recommendations from their family or friends? If you’re not leveraging that kind of social proof in 2022, you’re leaving money on the table.  

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Video Production For Sales Enablement

An area that is emerging and growing when it comes to video marketing is that of sales enablement. Especially in B2B, providing your sales team with the right sales and marketing collateral is essential. And you’ve probably heard this one a million times already, but the fact remains: people want to watch videos. For example, 57% of executives prefer video to other formats. In fact, it’s getting increasingly difficult to get people to even read written texts at all. By giving your sales team access to well-produced videos that they can leverage throughout the sales process, you’re giving them a valuable head start.

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Dynamic Video Marketing Production

When it comes to video production and digital marketing, it’s essential to embrace a 10X mindset. What do we mean by that? Well, you should always ask yourself how to get 10 times more from any piece of content you produce. In the online world, things age and turn obsolete quickly. Consumers expect a constant stream of fresh content, and while one really good video does last for a while, it will eventually get old if you keep sharing the same content again and again. You need quality – and quantity. 

The answer lies in partnering with a creative video production company that understands the power of repurposing and repackaging. Another strategy is to shoot multiple pieces on the same occasion and then publish them over time. Working smarter instead of harder will be the name of the game in 2022. 

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Creative Video Marketing Production

If you’re a marketer looking to maximize your ROI, video is definitely the way to go. But just producing any old video won’t do; you need to create content that stands out and gets noticed.  

And, no, it’s not necessarily the budget that will determine if your video becomes loved, shared, perhaps even viral. The most crucial success factor in video production is… wait for it… the creative concept. It’s the idea. The most successful video campaigns are not the ones replicating competitors’ concepts but the ones that dare to do things differently. A new visual language, a new Tone of Voice, or a new way to frame the messaging. Partnering with a creative video production company is perhaps the most important and impactful marketing investment you can make in 2022. 

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Authenticity and Transparency in Video Marketing

No other media is as powerful as video when it comes to triggering feelings, telling stories, and building brand affinity. But to achieve all those things, one key component is essential. And that’s authenticity. Millennials and Gen Z consumers are digitally-savvy consumers, and they’re flooded with tons of marketing messages every day. They’ve learned to filter out the bullshit, and their trust in brands and corporations is very low. Those generations often view their consumption as part of their identity, which means that if their values are not aligned with your brand’s, they won’t buy from you. Putting transparency, honesty, and authenticity at the center of your marketing strategy is the best bet you can make in 2022. 

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How To Craft A Winning Strategy For Your Marketing Video Production in 2022

  1. Start with understanding your goals. Why are you producing video – what are you looking to achieve?
  2. Identify your target audience. Who should watch your videos, and how will you ensure your audience finds them? Where does your audience hang out; what platforms should you optimize your videos for?
  3. Decide what story you want to tell. Get crystal clear on your core messaging before you start writing briefs or scripts. You need to know what’s most important – the rest will just create noise.
  4. Partner with an experienced video production agency. Don’t take this decision lightly; the partner you choose for your production will hugely impact the final result.
  5. Decide on a timeline and a budget. And remember, don’t automatically opt for the cheapest option, as it will often turn out more expensive in the long run. Invest in solid skills, and you will get a solid result.

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Partner With An Award-Winning Video Production Agency

Covalent is a marketing video production company based in Pittsburgh. We cater to B2B, B2C, and D2C companies of all sizes and in a wide range of industries.We’re known for creating the best corporate videos on the market, combining experience and creativity with a strong marketing mindset. We can help you shoot and produce everything from brand videos and TV commercials to explainer videos and docu-style shoots. 

We produce videos at various price points, always with a focus on creating the content you need to reach your business goals. And  we’re with you all the way from ideation through every step of execution. Combining years of experience with cutting-edge creativity, our productions have received numerous awards and accolades over the years.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your brand get started with video marketing production and build a more exciting and engaging corporate communication!


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